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# Minimum OS version that supports server side packaging. Older builds may
# not have server side package built or with Autotest code change to support
# server-side packaging.
# This build is older than the one used in global config (6986). This allows
# moblab can still test builds in R43 branch with server-side packaging, except
# that with it can't run paygen_au_canary and moblab_RunSuite suites.
enable_ssp_container: True
min_version_support_ssp: 6919
auto_start_servod: True
# Name of the base container.
container_base_name: base_05
minimum_tick_sec: 5
wmatrix_url: /wmatrix
# Crash servers are not accessable externally.
# CTS result server is only available for internal google testing.
# In moblab, this paramater is empty and uses the image bucket by default.
stable_cros_version: R59-9460.60.0
# The pubsub topic the gs_offloader notification is sent to.
cloud_notification_topic: projects/chromeos-partner-moblab/topics/moblab-notification
# All moblab DUT's are in dev mode, so skip the repair check.
dev_mode_allowed: True
# Reduce upload bandwidth for partner by switching on tar and compress results.
gs_offloader_limit_file_count: True