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# This config file disables some of the ChromiumOS source style checks and
# adds a hook to validate .py files. Comment out the disable-flags for
# any checks you want to leave enabled. Edit utils/pylintrc to disable any
# pylint checks.
[Hook Overrides]
cros_license_check: false
long_line_check: true
[Hook Scripts]
pylint = ./utils/
check_control_files = ./site_utils/presubmit_hooks/
# Not enabled because it takes a few minutes. Put here for convenience
# and as a bookmark. TODO: some wrapper script
# computing optimal -r options based on PRESUBMIT_FILES.
# unittest_suite = ./utils/ # -r server/
check_json_files = ./site_utils/presubmit_hooks/
test_lucifer = ./bin/test_lucifer
[Hook Overrides Options]
long_line_check: --exclude_regex=\bfirmware_Cr50ConsoleCommands/pinmux$ --exclude_regex=\bcontrol(\.[\S]+)?$