graphics_SanAngeles: support null platform

Freon boards now support only EGL_PLATFORM_NULL and minigbm so use

Platform arg parsing is moved to the SanAngeles executable, since that
is where we ultimately want it, and the attempt to factor it out to was cumbersome and not used by anything else.

The waffle_window_show() call was moved because in WAFFLE_PLATFORM_NULL
it must happen before waffle_make_current().

Restored the depth buffer configuration that was accidentally removed
during porting to waffle.

On freon, stop ui in order to mode set.

TEST=test_that -b samus -i trybot-samus-paladin/... :lab: graphics_SanAngeles
TEST=test_that -b lumpy -i trybot-lumpy-paladin/... :lab: graphics_SanAngeles
TEST=test_that -b daisy -i trybot-daisy-paladin/... :lab: graphics_SanAngeles

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