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# Copyright (c) 2017 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# # Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# # found in the LICENSE file.
import common
import itertools
from autotest_lib.server import frontend
from autotest_lib.server import site_utils
CLIENT_BOX_STR = 'client_box_'
RF_SWITCH_STR = 'rf_switch_'
RF_SWITCH_DUT = 'rf_switch_dut'
RF_SWITCH_CLIENT = 'rf_switch_client'
class ClientBoxException(Exception):
class ClientBox(object):
"""Class to manage devices in the Client Box."""
def __init__(self, client_box_host):
"""Constructor for the ClientBox.
@param client_box_host: Client Box AFE Host.
self.client_box_host = client_box_host
self.client_box_label = ''
self.rf_switch_label = ''
for label in client_box_host.labels:
if label.startswith(CLIENT_BOX_STR):
self.client_box_label = label
elif label.startswith(RF_SWITCH_STR) and (
label is not RF_SWITCH_CLIENT):
self.rf_switch_label = label
if not self.client_box_label or not self.rf_switch_label:
msg = 'CleintBoxLabels: %s \t RfSwitchLabels: %s' % (
self.client_box_label, self.rf_switch_label)
raise ClientBoxException(
'Labels not found:: %s' % msg)
self.devices = None
def get_devices(self):
"""Return all devices in the Client Box.
@returns a list of autotest_lib.server.frontend.Host objects.
if self.devices is None:
self.devices = self.get_devices_using_labels([RF_SWITCH_DUT])
return self.devices
def get_devices_using_labels(self, labels):
"""Returns all devices with the passed labels in the Client Box.
@params labels: List of host labels.
@returns a list of string containing the hostnames.
afe = frontend.AFE(
debug=True, server=site_utils.get_global_afe_hostname())
hosts = afe.get_hosts(label=self.client_box_label)
devices = []
for host in hosts:
labels_list = list(itertools.ifilter(
lambda x: x in host.labels, labels))
if len(labels) == len(labels_list):
return devices