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# Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Utility functions for interacting with devices supporting adb commands. The
functions only work with an Autotest instance setup, e.g., in a lab.
The functions here calls methods in afe_utils to get host attributes and other
information through AFE RPC. Therefore, they are not included in
For methods does not rely on AFE RPC, they should be included in ADBHost class.
import os
import logging
import common
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import error
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib.cros import dev_server
from autotest_lib.server import afe_utils
def install_apk_from_build(host, apk, build_artifact, package_name=None,
force_reinstall=False, build_name=None):
"""Install the specific apk from given build artifact.
@param host: An ADBHost object to install apk.
@param apk: Name of the apk to install, e.g., sl4a.apk
@param build_artifact: Name of the build artifact, e.g., test_zip. Note
that it's not the name of the artifact file. Refer to in devserver code for the mapping between
artifact name to a build artifact.
@param package_name: Name of the package, e.g.,
If package_name is given, it checks if the package exists before
trying to install it, unless force_reinstall is set to True.
@param force_reinstall: True to reinstall the apk even if it's already
installed. Default is set to False.
@param build_name: None unless DUT is CrOS with ARC++ container. build_name
points to ARC++ build artifacts.
# Check if apk is already installed.
if package_name and not force_reinstall:
if host.is_apk_installed(package_name):'Package %s is already installed.', package_name)
if build_name:
# Pull devserver_url given ARC++ enabled host
host_devserver_url = dev_server.AndroidBuildServer.resolve(build_name,
# Return devserver_url given Android build path
job_repo_url = os.path.join(host_devserver_url, build_name)
job_repo_url = afe_utils.get_host_attribute(
host, host.job_repo_url_attribute)
if not job_repo_url:
raise error.AutoservError(
'The host %s has no attribute %s. `install_apk_from_build` '
'only works for test with image specified.' %
(host.hostname, host.job_repo_url_attribute))
devserver_url = dev_server.AndroidBuildServer.get_server_url(job_repo_url)
devserver = dev_server.AndroidBuildServer(devserver_url)
build_info = host.get_build_info_from_build_url(job_repo_url)
devserver.trigger_download(build_info['target'], build_info['build_id'],
build_info['branch'], synchronous=True)
build_info['os_type'] = 'android'
apk_url = devserver.locate_file(apk, build_artifact, None, build_info)
logging.debug('Found apk at: %s', apk_url)
tmp_dir = host.teststation.get_tmp_dir()
host.download_file(apk_url, apk, tmp_dir)
result = host.install_apk(os.path.join(tmp_dir, apk),
if package_name and not host.is_apk_installed(package_name):
raise error.AutoservError('No package found with name of %s',
package_name)'%s is installed successfully.', apk)
finally:'rm -rf %s' % tmp_dir)