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# Copyright (c) 2014 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""A utility to program Chrome OS devices' firmware using servo.
This utility expects the DUT to be connected to a servo device. This allows us
to put the DUT into the required state and to actually program the DUT's
firmware using FTDI, USB and/or serial interfaces provided by servo.
Servo state is preserved across the programming process.
import glob
import logging
import os
import re
import site
import xml.etree.ElementTree
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import error
from autotest_lib.server.cros.faft.config.config import Config as FAFTConfig
class ProgrammerError(Exception):
"""Local exception class wrapper."""
class _BaseProgrammer(object):
"""Class implementing base programmer services.
Private attributes:
_servo: a servo object controlling the servo device
_servo_prog_state: a tuple of strings of "<control>:<value>" pairs,
listing servo controls and their required values for
_servo_saved_state: a list of the same elements as _servo_prog_state,
those which need to be restored after programming
_program_cmd: a string, the shell command to run on the servo host
to actually program the firmware. Dependent on
firmware/hardware type, set by subclasses.
def __init__(self, servo, req_list):
"""Base constructor.
@param servo: a servo object controlling the servo device
@param req_list: a list of strings, names of the utilities required
to be in the path for the programmer to succeed
self._servo = servo
self._servo_prog_state = ()
self._servo_saved_state = []
self._program_cmd = ''
self._servo.system('which %s' % ' '.join(req_list))
except error.AutoservRunError:
# TODO: We turn this exception into a warn since the fw programmer
# is not working right now, and some systems do not package the
# required utilities its checking for.
# We should reinstate this exception once the programmer is working
# to indicate the missing utilities earlier in the test cycle.
# Bug chromium:371011 filed to track this.
logging.warn("Ignoring exception when verify required bins : %s",
' '.join(req_list))
def _set_servo_state(self):
"""Set servo for programming, while saving the current state."""
logging.debug("Setting servo state for programming")
for item in self._servo_prog_state:
key, value = item.split(':')
present = self._servo.get(key)
if present != value:
self._servo_saved_state.append('%s:%s' % (key, present))
self._servo.set(key, value)
def _restore_servo_state(self):
"""Restore previously saved servo state."""
logging.debug("Restoring servo state after programming")
self._servo_saved_state.reverse() # Do it in the reverse order.
for item in self._servo_saved_state:
key, value = item.split(':')
self._servo.set(key, value)
def program(self):
"""Program the firmware as configured by a subclass."""
logging.debug("Programmer command: %s", self._program_cmd)
class FlashromProgrammer(_BaseProgrammer):
"""Class for programming AP flashrom."""
def __init__(self, servo):
"""Configure required servo state."""
super(FlashromProgrammer, self).__init__(servo, ['flashrom',])
self._fw_path = None
self._tmp_path = '/tmp'
self._fw_main = os.path.join(self._tmp_path, 'fw_main')
self._ro_vpd = os.path.join(self._tmp_path, 'ro_vpd')
self._rw_vpd = os.path.join(self._tmp_path, 'rw_vpd')
self._gbb = os.path.join(self._tmp_path, 'gbb')
def program(self):
"""Program the firmware but preserve VPD and HWID."""
assert self._fw_path is not None
vpd_sections = [('RW_VPD', self._rw_vpd), ('RO_VPD', self._ro_vpd)]
gbb_section = [('GBB', self._gbb)]
ft2232_programmer = 'ft2232_spi:type=servo-v2'
if self._servo.servo_serial:
ft2232_programmer += ',serial=%s' % self._servo.servo_serial
# Save needed sections from current firmware
for section in vpd_sections + gbb_section:
self._servo.system(' '.join([
'flashrom', '-V', '-p', ft2232_programmer,
'-r', self._fw_main, '-i', '%s:%s' % section]))
# Pack the saved VPD into new firmware
self._servo.system('cp %s %s' % (self._fw_path, self._fw_main))
img_size = self._servo.system_output(
"stat -c '%%s' %s" % self._fw_main)
pack_cmd = ['flashrom',
'-p', 'dummy:image=%s,size=%s,emulate=VARIABLE_SIZE' % (
self._fw_main, img_size),
'-w', self._fw_main]
for section in vpd_sections:
pack_cmd.extend(['-i', '%s:%s' % section])
self._servo.system(' '.join(pack_cmd))
# Read original HWID. The output format is:
# hardware_id: RAMBI TEST A_A 0128
gbb_hwid_output = self._servo.system_output(
'gbb_utility -g --hwid %s' % self._gbb)
original_hwid = gbb_hwid_output.split(':', 1)[1].strip()
# Write HWID to new firmware
self._servo.system("gbb_utility -s --hwid='%s' %s" %
(original_hwid, self._fw_main))
# Flash the new firmware
self._servo.system(' '.join([
'flashrom', '-V', '-p', ft2232_programmer,
'-w', self._fw_main]))
def prepare_programmer(self, path):
"""Prepare programmer for programming.
@param path: a string, name of the file containing the firmware image.
@param board: a string, used to find servo voltage setting.
faft_config = FAFTConfig(self._servo.get_board())
self._fw_path = path
self._servo_prog_state = (
'spi2_vref:%s' % faft_config.spi_voltage,
class FlashECProgrammer(_BaseProgrammer):
"""Class for programming AP flashrom."""
def __init__(self, servo):
"""Configure required servo state."""
super(FlashECProgrammer, self).__init__(servo, ['flash_ec',])
self._servo = servo
def prepare_programmer(self, image):
"""Prepare programmer for programming.
@param image: string with the location of the image file
# TODO: need to not have port be hardcoded
self._program_cmd = 'flash_ec --board=%s --image=%s --port=%s' % (
self._servo.get_board(), image, '9999')
class ProgrammerV2(object):
"""Main programmer class which provides programmer for BIOS and EC."""
def __init__(self, servo):
self._servo = servo
self._valid_boards = self._get_valid_v2_boards()
self._bios_programmer = self._factory_bios(self._servo)
self._ec_programmer = self._factory_ec(self._servo)
def _get_valid_v2_boards():
"""Greps servod config files to look for valid v2 boards.
@return A list of valid board names.
site_packages_paths = site.getsitepackages()
for p in site_packages_paths:
servo_data_path = os.path.join(p, 'servo', 'data')
if os.path.exists(servo_data_path):
SERVOD_CONFIG_DATA_DIR = servo_data_path
raise ProgrammerError(
'Unable to locate data directory of Python servo module')
SERVOFLEX_V2_R0_P50_CONFIG = 'servoflex_v2_r0_p50.xml'
SERVO_CONFIG_GLOB = 'servo_*_overlay.xml'
SERVO_CONFIG_REGEXP = 'servo_(?P<board>.+)_overlay.xml'
def is_v2_compatible_board(board_config_path):
"""Check if the given board config file is v2-compatible.
@param board_config_path: Path to a board config XML file.
@return True if the board is v2-compatible; False otherwise.
configs = []
def get_all_includes(config_path):
"""Get all included XML config names in the given config file.
@param config_path: Path to a servo config file.
root = xml.etree.ElementTree.parse(config_path).getroot()
for element in root.findall('include'):
include_name = element.find('name').text
SERVOD_CONFIG_DATA_DIR, include_name))
return True if SERVOFLEX_V2_R0_P50_CONFIG in configs else False
result = []
board_overlays = glob.glob(
for overlay_path in board_overlays:
if is_v2_compatible_board(overlay_path):
return result
def _factory_bios(self, servo):
"""Instantiates and returns (bios, ec) programmers for the board.
@param servo: A servo object.
@return A programmer for ec. If the programmer is not supported
for the board, None will be returned.
_bios_prog = None
_board = servo.get_board()
servo_prog_state = [
logging.debug('Setting up BIOS programmer for board: %s', _board)
if _board in self._valid_boards:
_bios_prog = FlashromProgrammer(servo)
logging.warning('No BIOS programmer found for board: %s', _board)
return _bios_prog
def _factory_ec(self, servo):
"""Instantiates and returns ec programmer for the board.
@param servo: A servo object.
@return A programmer for ec. If the programmer is not supported
for the board, None will be returned.
_ec_prog = None
_board = servo.get_board()
logging.debug('Setting up EC programmer for board: %s', _board)
if _board in self._valid_boards:
_ec_prog = FlashECProgrammer(servo)
logging.warning('No EC programmer found for board: %s', _board)
return _ec_prog
def program_bios(self, image):
"""Programs the DUT with provide bios image.
@param image: (required) location of bios image file.
def program_ec(self, image):
"""Programs the DUT with provide ec image.
@param image: (required) location of ec image file.