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# Copyright 2014 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import logging
POWER_DIR = '/var/lib/power_manager'
TMP_POWER_DIR = '/tmp/power_manager'
POWER_DEFAULTS = '/usr/share/power_manager/board_specific'
def dark_resume_setup(host):
"""Set up powerd preferences so we will properly go into dark resume,
and still be able to communicate with the DUT.
@param host: the DUT to set up dark resume for
"""'Setting up dark resume preferences')
# Make temporary directory, which will be used to hold
# temporary preferences. We want to avoid writing into
# /var/lib so we don't have to save any state.
logging.debug('Creating temporary powerd prefs at %s', TMP_POWER_DIR)'mkdir -p %s' % TMP_POWER_DIR)
logging.debug('Enabling dark resume')'echo 0 > %s/disable_dark_resume' % TMP_POWER_DIR)
logging.debug('Enabling USB ports in dark resume')
dev_contents ='cat %s/dark_resume_devices' % POWER_DEFAULTS,
dev_list = dev_contents.split('\n')
new_dev_list = filter(lambda dev: dev.find('usb') == -1, dev_list)
new_dev_contents = '\n'.join(new_dev_list)'echo -e \'%s\' > %s/dark_resume_devices' %
(new_dev_contents, TMP_POWER_DIR))
# bind the tmp directory to the power preference directory'mount --bind %s %s' % (TMP_POWER_DIR, POWER_DIR))
logging.debug('Restarting powerd with new settings')'restart powerd')
def dark_resume_teardown(host):
"""Clean up changes made by dark_resume_setup.
@param host: the DUT to remove dark resume prefs for
"""'Tearing down dark resume preferences')
logging.debug('Cleaning up temporary powerd bind mounts')'umount %s' % POWER_DIR, ignore_status=True)
logging.debug('Restarting powerd to revert to old settings')'restart powerd')