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# A list of paths to the logs that will be collected in Crash Collect.
# When chromeos-install is executed with argument lab_preserve_logs set to
# the full path to this file, chromeos-install will attempt to collect these
# files to /mnt/stateful_partition/unencrypted/prior_logs folder on ssd.
# This is the relative path to mounted stateful partition. Files in this folder
# will be collected during chromeos-install when argument lab_preserve_logs has
# value set to the full path of this logs_to_collect file.
# crash collect will ignore this path as it does not exist without specifying
# the folder of mounted stateful partition.
# The is the absolute path for autotest results folder. This path will be used
# by crash collect to collect autotest results after dut is up.
# chromeos-install will not collect this folder as it does not exist on a
# clean test image.
# Only available on intel systems. i915 contains the Intel graphics state. It
# might contain useful data when a DUT hangs, times out or crashes.