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How to add new gesture files:
1. Obtain a chromebook with a test image and the input source in question
(either onboard or plugged in).
2. Determine the input node of the input, e.g. /dev/input/event4. Either:
a. run evtest command on the device. The output should be names and nodes
of all detected input sources.
b. run touch_UpdateErrors test on the device and read the logs. All input
devices should be listed in .INFO along with their nodes.
3. RECORD (from the device):
evemu-record $node -1 > $filename
4. PLAY BACK (for verification, from the device):
evemu-play --insert-slot0 $node < $filename
Other potentially useful commands:
- Record device properties for emulation:
evemu-describe $node
- Emulate device:
evemu-device < $filename
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