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# Copyright 2016 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""This module provides the audio widgets related to ARC used in audio tests."""
import copy
import tempfile
from import audio_test_data
from autotest_lib.client.cros.chameleon import audio_widget
class CrosInputWidgetARCHandler(audio_widget.CrosInputWidgetHandler):
This class abstracts a Cros device audio input widget ARC handler.
# AMR-NB uses variable bit rates so we set sample_format to None.
# Other format info are actually useless for sox because sox can read them
# from file header.
_SOURCE_FORMAT = dict(file_type='amr-nb',
def start_recording(self):
"""Starts recording audio through ARC."""
def stop_recording(self):
"""Stops recording audio through ARC.
A tuple (remote_path, format).
remote_path: The path to the recorded file on Cros device.
format: A dict containing:
file_type: 'raw'.
sample_format: 'S16_LE' for 16-bit signed integer in
channel: channel number.
rate: sampling rate.
return (self._audio_facade.stop_arc_recording(),
def get_recorded_binary(self, remote_path, record_format):
"""Gets remote recorded file binary from Cros device..
Gets and reads recorded file from Cros device.
The argument 'record_format' is what API user want on output.
The real file format of file at 'remote_path' can be another source
format. This method handles the format conversion from source format
into record_format, and returns the converted binary.
Handle the format conversion from source format into record_format.
@param remote_path: The path to the recorded file on Cros device.
@param record_format: The data format of returned binary.
A dict containing
file_type: 'raw' or 'wav'.
sample_format: 'S32_LE' for 32-bit signed integer in
little-endian. Refer to aplay manpage for
other formats.
channel: channel number.
rate: sampling rate.
@returns: The recorded binary.
@raises: CrosInputWidgetHandlerError if record_format is not correct.
if record_format != self._DEFAULT_DATA_FORMAT:
raise audio_widget.CrosInputWidgetHandlerError(
'Record format %r is not valid' % record_format)
ext = '.' + self._SOURCE_FORMAT['file_type']
with tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile(prefix='recorded_', suffix=ext) as f:
# Handles conversion from source format into record_format.
test_data = audio_test_data.AudioTestData(
converted_test_data = test_data.convert(record_format, 1.0)
return converted_test_data.get_binary()
class CrosOutputWidgetARCHandlerError(Exception):
"""Error in CrosOutputWidgetARCHandler."""
class CrosOutputWidgetARCHandler(audio_widget.CrosInputWidgetHandler):
"""This class abstracts a Cros device audio output widget ARC handler."""
_SUPPORTED_FILE_TYPES = ['wav', 'mp3']
def set_playback_data(self, test_data):
"""Sets data to play.
@param test_data: An AudioTestData object.
@returns: Path to the file in container on Cros host.
# Handle the format conversion because ARC does not recognize raw file.
if test_data.data_format['file_type'] not in self._SUPPORTED_FILE_TYPES:
new_data_format = copy.deepcopy(test_data.data_format)
new_data_format['file_type'] = self._DEFAULT_FILE_TYPE
test_data = test_data.convert(new_data_format, 1.0)
return self._audio_facade.set_arc_playback_file(test_data.path)
def start_playback(self, path, blocking=False):
"""Starts playing audio.
@param path: Path to the file to play in container on Cros host.
@param blocking: Blocks this call until playback finishes.
@raises: NotImplementedError if blocking is True.
if blocking:
raise NotImplementedError(
'Blocking playback on ARC is not supported.')
def stop_playback(self):
"""Stops playing audio."""