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# Copyright (c) 2013 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
AUTHOR = 'wiley, pstew, quiche'
NAME = 'network_WiFi_SuspendTwice'
TEST_TYPE = 'Server'
# TODO(wiley) When we have servos on our test machines, put this in
# wifi_matfunc. Currently, it kills to many device on
# broken suspends.
DEPENDENCIES = 'wificell'
DOC = """
The ath9k driver had a bug where the the WiFi hardware would hang
if we suspended and resumed twice while WiFi was disabled. Run
this test to make sure we never regress. Try to run this late
in the cycle so if this test fails, we don't take other tests with
def run(machine):
parallel_simple(run, machines)