Try to check for missing revbumps of ebuilds

The idea here is to at least do some basic checking to look for cases
that we think there should be an ebuild revbump.  We still might miss
some cases, but this is better than nothing.

TEST=Test on my and Todd's recent build breakers and see that they
would have been caught.  See patchset #2 of
<> and see
<>.  Fix these and see
that hook passes.
TEST=In chromiumos-overlay, run:
  .../src/repohooks/  --rerun-since=2013-06-01
Check each revbump error.  There are a few false positives that
fall into categories like:
* - brand new ebuild
  doesn't technically need a revbump.
* - uses full versions

Change-Id: I3f6fd85366b07f49238314865923032710930d06
Tested-by: Doug Anderson <>
Reviewed-by: David James <>
Commit-Queue: Doug Anderson <>
diff --git a/ b/
index a984fd5..f6ecead 100755
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -229,14 +229,22 @@
   return new_lines
-def _get_affected_files(commit):
-  """Returns list of absolute filepaths that were modified/added."""
+def _get_affected_files(commit, include_deletes=False):
+  """Returns list of absolute filepaths that were modified/added.
+  Args:
+    commit: The commit
+    include_deletes: If true we'll include delete in the list.
+  Returns:
+    A list of modified/added (and perhaps deleted) files
+  """
   output = _run_command(['git', 'diff', '--name-status', commit + '^!'])
   files = []
   for statusline in output.splitlines():
     m = re.match('^(\w)+\t(.+)$', statusline.rstrip())
     # Ignore deleted files, and return absolute paths of files
-    if ([0] != 'D'):
+    if (include_deletes or[0] != 'D'):
       pwd = os.getcwd()
   return files
@@ -359,6 +367,85 @@
     return HookFailure(msg)
+def _check_for_uprev(project, commit):
+  """Check that we're not missing a revbump of an ebuild in the given commit.
+  If the given commit touches files in a directory that has ebuilds somewhere
+  up the directory hierarchy, it's very likely that we need an ebuild revbump
+  in order for those changes to take effect.
+  It's not totally trivial to detect a revbump, so at least detect that an
+  ebuild with a revision number in it was touched.  This should handle the
+  common case where we use a symlink to do the revbump.
+  TODO: it would be nice to enhance this hook to:
+  * Handle cases where people revbump with a slightly different syntax.  I see
+    one ebuild (puppy) that revbumps with _pN.  This is a false positive.
+  * Catches cases where people aren't using symlinks for revbumps.  If they
+    edit a revisioned file directly (and are expected to rename it for revbump)
+    we'll miss that.  Perhaps we could detect that the file touched is a
+    symlink?
+  If a project doesn't use symlinks we'll potentially miss a revbump, but we're
+  still better off than without this check.
+  Args:
+    project: The project to look at
+    commit: The commit to look at
+  Returns:
+    A HookFailure or None.
+  """
+  affected_paths = _get_affected_files(commit, include_deletes=True)
+  # Don't yell about changes to whitelisted files...
+  whitelist = ['Manifest', 'metadata.xml']
+  affected_paths = [path for path in affected_paths
+                    if os.path.basename(path) not in whitelist]
+  if not affected_paths:
+    return None
+  # If we've touched any file named with a -rN.ebuild then we'll say we're
+  # OK right away.  See TODO above about enhancing this.
+  touched_revved_ebuild = any('-r\d*\.ebuild$', path)
+                              for path in affected_paths)
+  if touched_revved_ebuild:
+    return None
+  # We want to examine the current contents of all directories that are parents
+  # of files that were touched (up to the top of the project).
+  #
+  # ...note: we use the current directory contents even though it may have
+  # changed since the commit we're looking at.  This is just a heuristic after
+  # all.  Worst case we don't flag a missing revbump.
+  project_top = os.getcwd()
+  dirs_to_check = set([project_top])
+  for path in affected_paths:
+    path = os.path.dirname(path)
+    while os.path.exists(path) and not os.path.samefile(path, project_top):
+      dirs_to_check.add(path)
+      path = os.path.dirname(path)
+  # Look through each directory.  If it's got an ebuild in it then we'll
+  # consider this as a case when we need a revbump.
+  for dir_path in dirs_to_check:
+    contents = os.listdir(dir_path)
+    ebuilds = [os.path.join(dir_path, path)
+               for path in contents if path.endswith('.ebuild')]
+    ebuilds_9999 = [path for path in ebuilds if path.endswith('-9999.ebuild')]
+    # If the -9999.ebuild file was touched the bot will uprev for us.
+    # ...we'll use a simple intersection here as a heuristic...
+    if set(ebuilds_9999) & set(affected_paths):
+      continue
+    if ebuilds:
+      return HookFailure('Changelist probably needs a revbump of an ebuild\n'
+                         'or a -r1.ebuild symlink if this is a new ebuild')
+  return None
 def _check_change_has_proper_changeid(project, commit):
   """Verify that Change-ID is present in last paragraph of commit message."""
   desc = _get_commit_desc(commit)
@@ -484,6 +571,7 @@
+    _check_for_uprev,