1. 1b0faf5 patchpanel: Enable firewall fuzzer by Jason Jeremy Iman · 4 weeks ago master
  2. 0d49e50 chromeos-config: add psu type cros-config fallback command by Trent Begin · 31 hours ago
  3. 5d3e23c arc: vm: libvda: query supported input formats by Alexandre Courbot · 7 days ago
  4. 296f53a arc: vm: libvda: fix invalid consistency check in CloseDecodeSession() by Alexandre Courbot · 5 days ago
  5. 818745b ml_benchmark: Pass driver configuration as a string. by Stuart Langley · 2 days ago
  6. 59a483b vm_tools: Fix concierge's disk-size location by Nicholas Hollingum · 8 days ago
  7. 46d5ae2 typecd: Add support for DP Alt Mode entry check by Prashant Malani · 2 weeks ago
  8. e54bd06 diagnostics: build fake NetworkHealthAdapter for fuzzer by Trent Begin · 34 hours ago
  9. 44aedde Revert "camera: usb: migrate to new SharedMemory API" by Kuo Jen Wei · 2 days ago
  10. be4e16f vm_tools: sommelier: Switch to the stable version of xdg-shell by Fergus Dall · 9 weeks ago
  11. b043892 metrics: build metrics library without BASE_VER. by Qijiang Fan · 8 days ago
  12. fdf3d7d PRESUBMIT lint: ignore long lines in SELinux policy files by Yoshiki Iguchi · 4 days ago
  13. 50e6f73 common-mk: use $SYSROOT/usr/share/libchrome/BASE_VER. by Qijiang Fan · 4 days ago
  14. 967b226 cryptohome: Report ephemeral device cleanup failure by Betul Soysal · 2 weeks ago
  15. a98b098 croslog: Fix abbreviation of emergency severity by Yoshiki Iguchi · 6 days ago
  16. e37f5b6 cryptohome: Attempt to remove fscrypt key with on-disk policy data by Sarthak Kukreti · 6 days ago
  17. 27a1247 vm_tools: Add START_LXD feature flag by David Munro · 14 days ago
  18. 4399ba8 vm_tools: Cicerone's GetDebugInfo now also queries Tremplin for info by David Munro · 7 days ago
  19. 1cc9542 tpm_manager: avoid unnecessary default auth test by Leo Lai · 6 days ago
  20. 81cb611 iioservice: Correct comment of unix socket to dbus by Harvey Yang · 6 days ago
  21. 2137d06 camera: usb: migrate to new SharedMemory API by hscham · 9 days ago
  22. 0b35c73 libchromeos-rs: Implement VsockCid (from Sirenia). by Allen Webb · 6 days ago
  23. 8349878 login: pass use_flags from handwriting to chrome. by charleszhao · 13 days ago
  24. 211ca09 vm_tools: seneschal: Force unmount MNT_DETACH for MyFiles if EBUSY by Joel Hockey · 1 year, 8 months ago
  25. 3526f6d diagnostics: add kNetwork category to telem by Trent Begin · 3 weeks ago
  26. deee402 diagnostics: add NetworkFetcher by Trent Begin · 2 weeks ago
  27. 7f26998 diagnostics: add network_health_adapter by Trent Begin · 3 weeks ago
  28. 3c47e9f crash: Add logged-out GetCrashDirectoryInfo test. by Miriam Zimmerman · 11 days ago
  29. 6476ba4 crash: Add more logging to debug EarlyFailure test by Miriam Zimmerman · 6 days ago
  30. f95767d croslog: Fix the bug of cursor by Yoshiki Iguchi · 6 days ago
  31. 6df5f18 arc: Add fsverity certs to host kernel keyring by Victor Hsieh · 5 days ago
  32. e320b47 dev-install: base::StringPiece no longer has function set. by Qijiang Fan · 8 days ago
  33. 918d0b9 cryptohome: add a underscore for member variable by Yi Chou · 6 days ago
  34. 985d725 cros-disks: remove usages of StringPiece::AppendToString. by Qijiang Fan · 8 days ago
  35. 4223b7d vm_tools: Garcon fetches (allowlisted) journalctl logs as part of GetDebugInfo by David Munro · 6 days ago
  36. 8b5bd7a vm_tools: sommelier: Set dmabuf modifier as invalid. by David Riley · 6 days ago
  37. a6b5610 typecd: Add function to read port data role by Prashant Malani · 2 weeks ago
  38. 28af2c2 adbd: Add gettid & futex to seccomp by Ereth McKnight-MacNeil · 12 days ago
  39. 70c5028 run_oci: add coreSched extended parameter by Ereth McKnight-MacNeil · 6 weeks ago
  40. d0f1f74 libcontainer: add support for core scheduling policy by Ereth McKnight-MacNeil · 6 weeks ago
  41. d585c20 arc: vm: libvda: fix invalid consistency check in InitDecodeSession() by Alexandre Courbot · 6 days ago
  42. cc7b745 shill: TESTING: flesh out logging docs by Brian Norris · 8 days ago
  43. 87af639 bluetooth: remove usages of base::MessageLoop by Qijiang Fan · 9 days ago
  44. 9d5c2f7 crash: option to set extra arguments to crash_sender by Raju Konduru · 11 days ago
  45. 599098a camera: usb: Supports all the input formats that Linux VCD does by Wei Lee · 7 days ago
  46. 92f1171 login: Launch crashpad to 100% on most boards by Ian Barkley-Yeung · 11 days ago
  47. f408b12 platform2: replace deprecated macros, add using clauses by Jim Pollock · 8 days ago
  48. 41e7c81 power: use log_file_path for newer libchrome. by Qijiang Fan · 9 days ago
  49. a1b04d1 metrics: Access scaling_cur_freq through the cpu's cpufreq symlink by Anand K Mistry · 9 days ago
  50. 12a9570 system_api: Add DBus Method and Token to Bootstrap PowerManager's Mojo by Harvey Yang · 12 days ago
  51. affa580 midis: use std::move for ResponseSender by Qijiang Fan · 9 days ago
  52. 5735d80 image-burner: use log_file_path for newer libchrome. by Qijiang Fan · 8 days ago
  53. 96ca7a8 cryptohome: Reduce cryptohomed dependencies by Yi Chou · 3 weeks ago
  54. 638d66e crash: Send UMA enum indicating why crash removed by Miriam Zimmerman · 2 weeks ago
  55. e36ec3f crash: Send UMA metric if crash_sender fails to rm by Miriam Zimmerman · 4 months ago
  56. be8b697 shill: remove WiFi.FTEnabled property by Matthew Wang · 4 weeks ago
  57. 719ceac sirenia: Switch over to libchromeos-rs's vsock implementation. by Allen Webb · 7 days ago
  58. bf1a755 dlcservice: Remove instructions to add a mask for DLC packages by Andrew Lassalle · 6 days ago
  59. 706ee66 metrics: only log metrics read failures once by Fletcher Woodruff · 11 days ago
  60. 5b782ae power: use std::move for ResponseSender by Qijiang Fan · 9 days ago
  61. e118af2 camera: camera3_test: Add option ignore 3A timeout by Kuo Jen Wei · 9 days ago
  62. f76886e cros-disks: Move common code to ArchiveManager by François Degros · 3 weeks ago
  63. 9c51d6d installer: Fix partition numbers in comments by Douglas Anderson · 8 days ago
  64. f7b001c camera: Replace usage of "whitelist" and "master" in comments by Shik Chen · 8 days ago
  65. 29e6032 vm_tools: Add feature flags for termina by David Munro · 14 days ago
  66. f8d0f6c common-mk: check-owners: add minor whitespace checks by Mike Frysinger · 11 days ago
  67. 37c3e20 ippusb_bridge: fix clippy lints by Fletcher Woodruff · 2 weeks ago
  68. 7f7ef1c runtime_probe: update memory seccomp policy by Kevin Lin · 9 days ago
  69. f45848b cros-disks: Fix typo in log line. by Sergei Datsenko · 9 days ago
  70. b4808c9 chromeos-config: move the retry logic outwards for creating loop devices by Jack Rosenthal · 8 days ago
  71. 3d850c2 diagnostics: remove usages of base::MessageLoop by Qijiang Fan · 9 days ago
  72. 4e33016 dev-install: fix OWNERS path by Mike Frysinger · 7 days ago
  73. 3bedb01 common-mk: check-owners: drop noparents settings by Mike Frysinger · 11 days ago
  74. 5b1d015 dlcservice: Fix |DlcStateChange()|'s signal of root path by Jae Hoon Kim · 8 days ago
  75. 410ce4f camera: usb: Supports V4L2_PIX_FMT_{Y16|Z16} format by Wei Lee · 3 weeks ago
  76. d142a29 cryptohome: Use fscrypt v2 encryption policies for new cryptohomes by Sarthak Kukreti · 3 weeks ago
  77. 4316d8d cryptohome: Use fscrypt v2 policies for encrypted reboot vault by Sarthak Kukreti · 3 weeks ago
  78. 70aaa4b cryptohome: Add support for fscrypt key management ioctls by Sarthak Kukreti · 3 weeks ago
  79. 1a4c5a8 cryptohome: Add fscrypt policy awareness to functions by Sarthak Kukreti · 7 weeks ago
  80. 6c7c407 diagnostics: fix mnt_table and mnt_iter leaks. by Daniil Lunev · 8 days ago
  81. a218d04 system_api: Add Iioservice DBus Constants by Harvey Yang · 3 weeks ago
  82. 04b282f diagnostics: add diag-routines-for-oems.md by Paul Moy · 2 weeks ago
  83. 00d2746 chromeos-config: remove json serialize/parse in TransformConfig by Jack Rosenthal · 8 days ago
  84. f59e461 chromeos-config: cache the results of GetValidSchemaProperties by Jack Rosenthal · 8 days ago
  85. 9e642dc chromeos-config: use log_file_path for newer libchrome. by Qijiang Fan · 9 days ago
  86. 62e83ad chromeos-config: Add a link to the public unbuild design by Simon Glass · 5 weeks ago
  87. d565cc2 arc-setup: Stop specifying androidboot.arc_camera_mode by Ryo Hashimoto · 14 days ago
  88. 484c88c power: add link to debug_buttons. by Junichi Uekawa · 12 days ago
  89. 81cdb3a arc: Allow multiple bindings for a SensorDevice by Ryo Hashimoto · 12 days ago
  90. 6a84130 cryptohome: Use libbrillo (not -${libbase_ver}) on fuzzer by Tiancong Wang · 11 days ago
  91. 59fce78 common-mk: check-owners: switch to pathlib by Mike Frysinger · 11 days ago
  92. b3b6a91 ml_benchmark: Add a flag for config file name. by Stuart Langley · 12 days ago
  93. d8cd744 installer: Speed install with big root fs and little RAM by chunking by Douglas Anderson · 12 days ago
  94. 87eb95e cros-fuzz/screenshot: add OWNERS files by Mike Frysinger · 11 days ago
  95. a9d3905 cros-disks: Simplified MountManager by François Degros · 6 months ago
  96. 9a389f7 iioservice: Add iioservice with SensorServiceImpl and SensorDeviceImpl by Harvey Yang · 3 months ago
  97. f508f8d iioservice: Support Moving Averages of Samples by Harvey Yang · 2 weeks ago
  98. 01331f1 typecd: Add seccomp policy for amd64 by Prashant Malani · 11 days ago
  99. ef3616f iioservice: Add iioservice with SamplesHandler by Harvey Yang · 3 months ago
  100. 1c5a18d iioservice: Remove namespace ::cros by Harvey Yang · 11 days ago