1. 0f1b563 libchromeos-ui: remove Adobe Flash/plugin registration by Ilja H. Friedel · 6 days ago master
  2. 90fdd2e biod: Fix incorrect copy range by Tom Hughes · 20 hours ago
  3. 23ab59d cryptohome: Have a specific error for vault recreation trigger. by Daniil Lunev · 3 weeks ago
  4. b1230e1 platform2: remove macro guards for libchrome r780000 uprev by hscham · 6 days ago
  5. d45d64b login: Enable exo-pointer-lock on devices using borealis by Daniel Ng · 3 days ago
  6. 9da1a90 ml: relax handwriting unit test a bit to make it pass on ARM by Honglin Yu · 20 hours ago
  7. 3aa328e iioservice: Add SensorDbus & Remove SensorClient in libiioservice_ipc by Harvey Yang · 3 days ago
  8. 6dde75b ml: add tflite benchmark driver. by Charles Zhao · 5 weeks ago
  9. 937d455 cryptohome: Add label property to VaultKeyset class. by Daniil Lunev · 11 days ago
  10. eb16bd3 cryptohome: minimize usage of keyset index in Mount by Daniil Lunev · 11 days ago
  11. 9a2ffc3 cryptohome: Mount to operate on VaultKeyset by Daniil Lunev · 11 days ago
  12. f123d6e cryptohome: populate keyset index on load by Daniil Lunev · 11 days ago
  13. 0f2c7d2 cryptohome: Homedirs::LoadVaultKeysetForUser to load keyset by Daniil Lunev · 11 days ago
  14. aa650ed mems_setup: Enable Accel Channels only when IIO Service Not Used by Harvey Yang · 4 weeks ago
  15. 981df96 lorgnette: filter supported resolutions by Fletcher Woodruff · 2 days ago
  16. 71b34b0 cryptohome: Add longer timeout for Mount()/MountGuest() in cryptohome-proxy by John L Chen · 35 hours ago
  17. fa1fdb6 cryptohome: Add gettimeofday/clock_gettime to cryptohome-proxy seccomp filter by John L Chen · 3 days ago
  18. af24d32 ml: Update TFLite version table by Jim Pollock · 35 hours ago
  19. baa4673 system_api: bluetooth: Add ConnectDevice method constant by Miao-chen Chou · 2 days ago
  20. 0220f6e shill: persist traffic counters by Matthew Wang · 10 weeks ago
  21. c7ea8ff shill: fetch traffic counters from patchpanel by Matthew Wang · 3 months ago
  22. 5bc3d19 cryptohome: Derive fscrypt version from userdirectory by Hardik Goyal · 8 days ago
  23. e7b77f8 cryptohome: use DeleteDirectoryContents in DeleteAndroidCache by Victor-Gabriel Savu · 3 months ago
  24. 59c5461 cryptohome: Remove |GetUserDirectory| to reduce passing of credentials by Hardik Goyal · 9 days ago
  25. d3e31a8 ml: update readme file for setting model permissions. by Honglin Yu · 2 days ago
  26. f6b5988 mems_setup: Add Write Permission to /dev/iio:deviceX by Harvey Yang · 9 days ago
  27. dfb4d84 cryptohome: Document rollback dependency by Miriam Polzer · 3 weeks ago
  28. 95feaed vm_tools: More options to try and make apt-key happy by David Munro · 3 days ago
  29. fe1b270 camera: camera3_test: Fix mojo DCHECKs by Jasmine Chen · 3 weeks ago
  30. 43928a6 arc: vm: libvda: improve use_output_buffer docs by David Stevens · 2 days ago
  31. a39097c cryptohome: Remove KeyPrivilege::mount usage as the value is always |true| by Hardik Goyal · 3 days ago
  32. 420c76c arc-setup: Validate media_profiles.xml is not a symlink by Long Cheng · 3 weeks ago
  33. b4e6421 Remove usages of base::MessageLoop and base/message_loop/message_loop.h by Qijiang Fan · 7 days ago
  34. d9a6e5b vm_tools: arcvm: Temporarily enable caching for shared directories by Chirantan Ekbote · 3 days ago
  35. b21b67e timberslide: fix buffer overflow by Ting Shen · 6 days ago
  36. f09087c cups_proxy: mojo_handler: log response code by Pranav Batra · 9 days ago
  37. 66e1a34 power: Fix policy of iwlwifi SAR switch netlink messages by Nicolas Norvez · 2 days ago
  38. 241679b init: Add features to preserve paths on clobbering stateful by Jae Hoon Kim · 3 days ago
  39. 5f785b7 system_api: Add GenerateVirtualFileId and OpenFileById to VirtualFileProvider by Cherie Cheung · 3 weeks ago
  40. 7ba5b2e arc: arc-data-snapshotd: TakeSnapshot impl by Polina Bondarenko · 5 weeks ago
  41. 8463931 cryptohome: include a helper to bootlockbox-client by Polina Bondarenko · 4 weeks ago
  42. 2649083 camera: libcbm: Do not destruct static CameraBufferManager by Ren-Pei Zeng · 2 days ago
  43. d25de4a shill: cellular: update operator name for Telia of Finland by Vincent Palatin · 3 days ago
  44. b47dee6 shill: cellular: update SoftBank APN settings by Vincent Palatin · 3 days ago
  45. 44c10a7 vm_tools: Add two tips in arcvm_dev.conf by Lepton Wu · 6 days ago
  46. d0d52fe ml: implement a new proxy class for grammar service. by Jing Wang · 4 weeks ago
  47. d037526 shill: cellular: set the 'attach APN' on the initial EPS bearer by Vincent Palatin · 5 weeks ago
  48. 7824bab camera: Tweak OWNERS files by Shik Chen · 2 days ago
  49. 93f86c3 ml_benchmark: replace franklinh with jmpollock for owners by Jim Pollock · 2 days ago
  50. 58125d3 patchpanel: remove iptables helpers in Datapath by Hugo Benichi · 6 weeks ago
  51. 82ed5cf patchpanel: make internal Datapath methods private by Hugo Benichi · 6 weeks ago
  52. 7c34267 patchpanel: move ConnectNamespace to Datapath by Hugo Benichi · 6 weeks ago
  53. bf811c6 patchpanel: move Datapath setup to Datapath by Hugo Benichi · 6 weeks ago
  54. 76be34a patchpanel: mark connections with fwmark routing tags by Hugo Benichi · 8 weeks ago
  55. af9d8a7 patchpanel: mark forwarded traffic with fwmark routing tag by Hugo Benichi · 8 weeks ago
  56. 2311ac1 cryptohome: Fix the LINT error in mount_unittest.cc. by Greg Kerr · 3 days ago
  57. 1574c7e imageloader: base::Value refactor by hscham · 10 days ago
  58. 2268b29 cryptohome: Deprecate EncryptScryptBlob and DecryptScryptBlob. by Greg Kerr · 3 days ago
  59. aeacf81 diagnostics: add user and system time to CpuInfo by Paul Moy · 9 days ago
  60. 883e147 biod: base::Value refactor by hscham · 13 days ago
  61. 108f42b oobe_config: base::Value refactor by hscham · 8 days ago
  62. 07ee123 ml: Implement SodaRecognizerImpl with unit test. by Rob Schonberger · 10 days ago
  63. 2a2b004 common-mk: enables -Wbool-operation by Christopher Di Bella · 6 days ago
  64. 6b9c2a1 biod: Refactor GetFpStats to use return value by Tom Hughes · 7 weeks ago
  65. dac8cc0 biod: Use SecureVector for VendorTemplate by Tom Hughes · 7 weeks ago
  66. 8bceb8f biod: Remove factory method and use constructor by Tom Hughes · 6 weeks ago
  67. d94c792 biod: remove Init method and move logic to constructor by Tom Hughes · 6 weeks ago
  68. 30889d8 biod: Use MakeRefCounted/make_unique instead of bare new by Tom Hughes · 5 weeks ago
  69. a3bf890 biod: Refactor GetFpMode to use return value instead of out param by Tom Hughes · 6 days ago
  70. baa2b3b biod: Use SecureVector instead of SecureBlob by Tom Hughes · 7 weeks ago
  71. a10d37f Add syslog-cat: the replacement of systemd-cat for rsyslog by Yoshiki Iguchi · 9 weeks ago
  72. 3938f78 sirenia: Use EventLoop for syslog socket multiplexing. by Allen Webb · 2 weeks ago
  73. d767356 sirenia: Add EventLoop implementation. by Allen Webb · 7 days ago
  74. 4859c20 libbrillo: Deprecated comment for brillo::Minijail by Jae Hoon Kim · 3 days ago
  75. 42332fc cryptohome: Ensure mount points outside of EnsureCryptohome by Daniil Lunev · 6 days ago
  76. 60172dc cryptohome: remove broken reset_seed population on Mount by Daniil Lunev · 6 days ago
  77. 8ef68db cryptohome: Remove old "image" handling by Daniil Lunev · 6 days ago
  78. 87d2b3e biod: Run mdformat on README.md by Tom Hughes · 3 days ago
  79. 45fc45a biod: Add instructions on manually testing fingerprint sensor by Tom Hughes · 3 days ago
  80. 8f18643 dlcservice: Remove use of offensive term from codebase by Jae Hoon Kim · 7 days ago
  81. 6ed59a3 debugd: change rtw88 module name by Brian Norris · 7 weeks ago
  82. f460d62 webserver: Add permissions seccomp policy for _llseek by Aileen Cheng · 5 days ago
  83. 2f93259 lorgnette: replace colons in scanner names by Fletcher Woodruff · 7 days ago
  84. 1c2cc08 shill: Use TaskEnvironment for EventDispatcherForTest by Jie Jiang · 8 days ago
  85. a3281ab arc: Support write() on regular files by Ryo Hashimoto · 2 weeks ago
  86. 398abba arc: Send the file flags by Ryo Hashimoto · 2 weeks ago
  87. baa9a5d camera: mediatek: enable jpeg encode accelerator by Moja Hsu · 10 days ago
  88. 45e2618 policy_utils: base::Value refractor by hscham · 11 days ago
  89. 3f99ff1 ml: Move tclib model file installation to tclib's ebuild. by Honglin Yu · 8 days ago
  90. 85da38a arc: Add clock_gettime to arcvm_boot_notification_server's sepolicy. by Yuichiro Hanada · 6 days ago
  91. 5e7cec4 vm_tools: concierge: switch to using native errors from Parallels by Dmitry Torokhov · 6 days ago
  92. 5264bbf system_api: add native error codes to Parallels dispatcher responses by Dmitry Torokhov · 6 days ago
  93. 1bb1272 Revert "arc-setup: Validate media_profiles.xml is not a symlink" by Long Cheng · 6 days ago
  94. 0ce0ea3 mount-passthrough: Mount using 'noexec'. by Jorge Lucangeli Obes · 6 days ago
  95. 38c1828 cups_proxy: fix vdso seccomp cros_vm crash by Pranav Batra · 10 days ago
  96. 9323d04 powerd: do not crash at PrepareForSuspend if alarm is not supported. by Qijiang Fan · 7 days ago
  97. e1dfd9c biod: Add missing override to mocks by Tom Hughes · 7 days ago
  98. ded9097 vm_tools: Convert async HostNetworkChanged back to sync by Woody Chow · 7 days ago
  99. 575db67 crosh: Fix additional COIL terms. by Allen Webb · 7 days ago
  100. c822296 trunks: Initialize TPM when using TPM simulator by Yi Chou · 8 days ago