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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
syntax = "proto3";
option cc_enable_arenas = true;
// This file defines services that will be running in the guest.
package vm_tools;
import "common.proto";
// Parameters for setting up IPv4 networking inside the VM. Each parameter
// is stored in network-byte order (for example from the output of inet_pton).
message IPv4Config {
// IPv4 address for the VM.
fixed32 address = 1;
// VM subnet.
fixed32 netmask = 2;
// Gateway for sending packets out to the internet.
fixed32 gateway = 3;
message NetworkConfigRequest {
// IPv4 configuration for the VM.
IPv4Config ipv4_config = 1;
// Description of a single process that should be spawned by maitre'd.
message LaunchProcessRequest {
// Process arguments. argv[0] must be either an absolute path or the name of
// an executable program that can be found in the default PATH inside the VM.
repeated string argv = 1;
// Any additional environment variables that should be set before spawning
// the process. Can be empty.
map<string, string> env = 2;
// If |true| the process will be respawned when it exits or is killed.
// Processes that respawn too frequently will be stopped and will need to be
// explicitly restarted via a LaunchProcess rpc. Cannot be true if
// |wait_for_exit| is true.
bool respawn = 3;
// If |true| the process will use /dev/console for its standard I/O.
// Otherwise all standard I/O is redirected to /dev/null.
bool use_console = 4;
// If |true| then maitre'd will wait for the process to exit and include its
// exit status in the response. Cannot be true if |respawn| is true.
bool wait_for_exit = 5;
// The current status of a process launched via LaunchProcess.
enum ProcessStatus {
// ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
// The process exited normally.
// The process was killed by a signal.
// Successfully launched but may or may not have exited yet.
// One or more setup steps failed and the process did not launch.
// Response sent back after maitre'd launches a process. Will only be filled in
// if the |wait_for_exit| field of the LaunchProcessRequest was set to true.
message LaunchProcessResponse {
// The status of the launched process.
ProcessStatus status = 1;
// If |status| is EXITED then this contains the exit status of the process. If
// |status| is SIGNALED then this contains the signal number that killed the
// process. Otherwise the contents of this field are undefined.
sint32 code = 2;
// Request for maitred to mount a filesystem.
message MountRequest {
string source = 1;
string target = 2;
string fstype = 3;
uint64 mountflags = 4;
string options = 5;
// Response after maitred attempts to mount a filesystem.
message MountResponse {
sint32 error = 1;
// Implemented by maitred inside the VM.
service Maitred {
// Set up networking inside the VM so that it can access the internet.
rpc ConfigureNetwork (NetworkConfigRequest) returns (EmptyMessage);
// Initiate a shut-down of the VM.
rpc Shutdown (EmptyMessage) returns (EmptyMessage);
// Launch one process inside the VM.
rpc LaunchProcess (LaunchProcessRequest) returns (LaunchProcessResponse);
// Mount a filesystem in the VM.
rpc Mount (MountRequest) returns (MountResponse);