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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <base/files/file_path.h>
#include "biod/bio_algorithm.h"
namespace biod {
enum class BioAlgorithmType {
kUnknown = -1,
class BioLibrary;
class BioImage {
BioImage() = default;
BioImage(BioImage&& rhs);
BioImage(const std::shared_ptr<BioLibrary>& lib, bio_image_t image)
: lib_(lib), image_(image) {}
BioImage& operator=(BioImage&& rhs);
explicit operator bool() const { return lib_ && image_; }
bio_image_t get() const { return image_; }
bool SetData(std::vector<uint8_t>* data);
bool Destroy();
std::shared_ptr<BioLibrary> lib_;
std::vector<uint8_t> data_;
bio_image_t image_ = nullptr;
class BioTemplate {
BioTemplate() = default;
BioTemplate(BioTemplate&& rhs);
BioTemplate(const std::shared_ptr<BioLibrary>& lib, bio_template_t tmplate)
: lib_(lib), template_(tmplate) {}
BioTemplate& operator=(BioTemplate&& rhs);
explicit operator bool() const { return lib_ && template_; }
int MatchImage(const BioImage& image);
bool Serialize(std::vector<uint8_t>* out);
bool Destroy();
std::shared_ptr<BioLibrary> lib_;
bio_template_t template_ = nullptr;
class BioEnrollment {
BioEnrollment() = default;
BioEnrollment(BioEnrollment&& rhs);
BioEnrollment(const std::shared_ptr<BioLibrary>& lib,
bio_enrollment_t enrollment)
: lib_(lib), enrollment_(enrollment) {}
BioEnrollment& operator=(BioEnrollment&& rhs);
explicit operator bool() const { return lib_ && enrollment_; }
int AddImage(const BioImage& image);
int IsComplete();
int GetPercentComplete();
BioTemplate Finish();
bool Destroy();
std::shared_ptr<BioLibrary> lib_;
bio_enrollment_t enrollment_ = nullptr;
class BioSensor {
struct Model {
uint32_t vendor_id;
uint32_t product_id;
uint32_t model_id;
uint32_t version;
BioSensor() = default;
BioSensor(BioSensor&& rhs);
BioSensor(const std::shared_ptr<BioLibrary>& lib, bio_sensor_t sensor)
: lib_(lib), sensor_(sensor) {}
BioSensor& operator=(BioSensor&& rhs);
explicit operator bool() const { return lib_ && sensor_; }
bool SetModel(const Model& model);
bool SetFormat(uint32_t pixel_format);
bool SetSize(uint32_t width, uint32_t height);
// Must have called SetSize prior to this call.
BioImage CreateImage();
BioEnrollment BeginEnrollment();
bool Destroy();
std::shared_ptr<BioLibrary> lib_;
bio_sensor_t sensor_ = nullptr;
uint32_t width_ = 0;
uint32_t height_ = 0;
class BioLibrary : public std::enable_shared_from_this<BioLibrary> {
// Loads the bio algorithm implementation from the shared object at path. On
// success, a valid BioLibrary pointer is returned.
static std::shared_ptr<BioLibrary> Load(const base::FilePath& path);
// Gets a single function named sym from the loaded bio library. Returns a
// NULL pointer if the symbol can not be loaded. This is useful for accessing
// non-standard bio library functions.
template <typename T>
T GetFunction(const std::string& sym) const {
void* sym_ptr = GetSymbolPointer(sym);
if (sym_ptr == nullptr)
return nullptr;
return reinterpret_cast<T>(sym_ptr);
BioAlgorithmType GetAlgorithmType();
base::StringPiece GetAlgorithmName();
base::StringPiece GetAlgorithmVersion();
base::StringPiece GetAlgorithmBanner();
BioSensor CreateSensor();
BioTemplate DeserializeTemplate(const std::vector<uint8_t>& data);
friend class BioImage;
friend class BioTemplate;
friend class BioEnrollment;
friend class BioSensor;
using bio_algorithm_init_fp = int (*)(void);
using bio_algorithm_exit_fp = int (*)(void);
using bio_algorithm_get_type_fp = enum bio_algoritm_type (*)(void);
using bio_algorithm_get_name_fp = const char* (*)(void);
using bio_algorithm_get_version_fp = const char* (*)(void);
using bio_algorithm_get_banner_fp = const char* (*)(void);
using bio_sensor_create_fp = int (*)(bio_sensor_t* sensor);
using bio_sensor_destroy_fp = int (*)(bio_sensor_t sensor);
using bio_sensor_set_model_fp = int (*)(bio_sensor_t sensor,
uint32_t vendor_id,
uint32_t product_id,
uint32_t model_id,
uint32_t version);
using bio_sensor_set_format_fp = int (*)(bio_sensor_t sensor,
uint32_t pixel_format);
using bio_sensor_set_size_fp = int (*)(bio_sensor_t sensor,
uint32_t width,
uint32_t height);
using bio_image_create_fp = int (*)(bio_sensor_t sensor,
uint32_t width,
uint32_t height,
bio_image_t* image);
using bio_image_set_size_fp = int (*)(bio_image_t image,
uint32_t width,
uint32_t height);
using bio_image_set_data_fp = int (*)(bio_image_t image,
const uint8_t* data,
size_t size);
using bio_image_destroy_fp = int (*)(bio_image_t image);
using bio_template_image_match_fp = int (*)(bio_template_t tmpl,
bio_image_t image);
using bio_template_deserialize_fp = int (*)(const uint8_t* template_data,
size_t size,
bio_template_t* tmpl);
using bio_template_get_serialized_size_fp = ssize_t (*)(bio_template_t tmpl);
using bio_template_serialize_fp = int (*)(bio_template_t tmpl,
uint8_t* template_data,
size_t size);
using bio_template_destroy_fp = int (*)(bio_template_t tmpl);
using bio_enrollment_begin_fp = int (*)(bio_sensor_t sensor,
bio_enrollment_t* enrollment);
using bio_enrollment_add_image_fp = int (*)(bio_enrollment_t enrollment,
bio_image_t image);
using bio_enrollment_is_complete_fp = int (*)(bio_enrollment_t enrollment);
using bio_enrollment_get_percent_complete_fp =
int (*)(bio_enrollment_t enrollment);
using bio_enrollment_finish_fp = int (*)(bio_enrollment_t enrollment,
bio_template_t* tmpl);
BioLibrary() = default;
bool Init(const base::FilePath& path);
void* GetSymbolPointer(const std::string& sym) const;
void* handle_ = nullptr;
bool needs_exit_ = false;
// See bio_algorithm.h for the documentation about these functions.
bio_algorithm_init_fp algorithm_init_;
bio_algorithm_exit_fp algorithm_exit_;
bio_algorithm_get_type_fp algorithm_get_type_;
bio_algorithm_get_name_fp algorithm_get_name_;
bio_algorithm_get_version_fp algorithm_get_version_;
bio_algorithm_get_banner_fp algorithm_get_banner_;
bio_sensor_create_fp sensor_create_;
bio_sensor_destroy_fp sensor_destroy_;
bio_sensor_set_model_fp sensor_set_model_;
bio_sensor_set_format_fp sensor_set_format_;
bio_sensor_set_size_fp sensor_set_size_;
bio_image_create_fp image_create_;
bio_image_set_size_fp image_set_size_;
bio_image_set_data_fp image_set_data_;
bio_image_destroy_fp image_destroy_;
bio_template_image_match_fp template_image_match_;
bio_template_deserialize_fp template_deserialize_;
bio_template_get_serialized_size_fp template_get_serialized_size_;
bio_template_serialize_fp template_serialize_;
bio_template_destroy_fp template_destroy_;
bio_enrollment_begin_fp enrollment_begin_;
bio_enrollment_add_image_fp enrollment_add_image_;
bio_enrollment_is_complete_fp enrollment_is_complete_;
bio_enrollment_get_percent_complete_fp enrollment_get_percent_complete_;
bio_enrollment_finish_fp enrollment_finish_;
} // namespace biod