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// Copyright 2015 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <string>
#include "trunks/hmac_authorization_delegate.h"
#include "trunks/tpm_generated.h"
#include "trunks/trunks_export.h"
namespace trunks {
const trunks::TPM_HANDLE kUninitializedHandle = 0;
// This class is used to keep track of a TPM session. Each instance of this
// class is used to account for one instance of a TPM session. Currently
// this class is used by AuthorizationSession instances to keep track of TPM
// sessions.
// Note: This class is not intended to be used independently. However clients
// who want to manually manage their sessions can use this class to Start and
// Close TPM backed Sessions. Example usage:
// std::unique_ptr<SessionManager> session_manager =
// factory.GetSessionManager();
// session_manager->StartSession(...);
// TPM_HANDLE session_handle = session_manager->GetSessionHandle();
class TRUNKS_EXPORT SessionManager {
SessionManager() {}
SessionManager(const SessionManager&) = delete;
SessionManager& operator=(const SessionManager&) = delete;
virtual ~SessionManager() {}
// This method is used get the handle to the AuthorizationSession managed by
// this instance.
virtual TPM_HANDLE GetSessionHandle() const = 0;
// This method is used to flush all TPM context associated with the current
// session
virtual void CloseSession() = 0;
// This method is used to start a new AuthorizationSession. Once started,
// GetSessionHandle() can be used to access the handle to the TPM session.
// If the created sessions is salted, we need to ensure that TPM ownership is
// taken and the salting key created before this method is called.
// Returns TPM_RC_SUCCESS and returns the nonces used to create the session
// on success.
virtual TPM_RC StartSession(TPM_SE session_type,
TPMI_DH_ENTITY bind_entity,
const std::string& bind_authorization_value,
bool salted,
bool enable_encryption,
HmacAuthorizationDelegate* delegate) = 0;
} // namespace trunks