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// Copyright 2020 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "crash-reporter/vm_collector.h"
#include <string>
#include <google/protobuf/io/zero_copy_stream_impl.h>
#include <google/protobuf/text_format.h>
#include <vm_protos/proto_bindings/vm_crash.grpc.pb.h>
#include "crash-reporter/constants.h"
: CrashCollector(
"vm_collector", kAlwaysUseUserCrashDirectory, kNormalCrashSendMode) {}
bool VmCollector::Collect(pid_t pid) {
vm_tools::cicerone::CrashReport crash_report;
google::protobuf::io::FileInputStream input(0 /* stdin */);
if (!google::protobuf::TextFormat::Parse(&input, &crash_report)) {
LOG(ERROR) << "Failed to parse crash report from stdin";
return false;
base::FilePath crash_path;
if (!GetCreatedCrashDirectoryByEuid(geteuid(), &crash_path, nullptr,
/*use_non_chronos_cryptohome=*/true)) {
LOG(ERROR) << "Failed to create or find crash directory";
return false;
std::string basename = FormatDumpBasename("vm_crash", time(nullptr), pid);
base::FilePath meta_path = GetCrashPath(crash_path, basename, "meta");
base::FilePath proc_log_path = GetCrashPath(crash_path, basename, "proclog");
base::FilePath minidump_path =
GetCrashPath(crash_path, basename, constants::kMinidumpExtension);
int bytes = crash_report.process_tree().size();
if (WriteNewFile(proc_log_path, crash_report.process_tree().data(), bytes) <
bytes) {
LOG(ERROR) << "Failed to write out process tree";
return false;
AddCrashMetaUploadFile("process_tree", proc_log_path.BaseName().value());
bytes = crash_report.minidump().size();
if (WriteNewFile(minidump_path, crash_report.minidump().data(), bytes) <
bytes) {
LOG(ERROR) << "Failed to write out minidump";
return false;
AddCrashMetaData("payload", minidump_path.BaseName().value());
for (const auto& pair : crash_report.metadata()) {
AddCrashMetaData(pair.first, pair.second);
// We don't need the data collection code in CrashCollector::FinishCrash (that
// was already done inside the VM), so just write out the metadata file
// ourselves.
WriteNewFile(meta_path,, extra_metadata_.size());
return true;