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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "smbprovider/constants.h"
#include "smbprovider/proto.h"
#include "smbprovider/samba_interface.h"
#include "smbprovider/smbprovider_helper.h"
namespace smbprovider {
// BaseDirectoryIterator is a class that handles iterating over the DirEnts of
// an SMB directory. It must be subclassed and ShouldIncludeEntryType() have to
// be defined by the derived classes.
// Example:
// DirectoryIterator it("smb://testShare/test/dogs",
// SambaInterface.get()); result = it.Init(); while (result == 0) {
// if it.IsDone: return 0
// // Do something with it.Get();
// result = it.Next();
// }
// return result;
class BaseDirectoryIterator {
BaseDirectoryIterator(const std::string& dir_path,
SambaInterface* samba_interface,
size_t batch_size,
bool include_metadata);
BaseDirectoryIterator(const std::string& dir_path,
SambaInterface* samba_interface,
size_t batch_size);
BaseDirectoryIterator(const std::string& dir_path,
SambaInterface* samba_interface);
BaseDirectoryIterator(BaseDirectoryIterator&& other);
BaseDirectoryIterator(const BaseDirectoryIterator&) = delete;
BaseDirectoryIterator& operator=(const BaseDirectoryIterator&) = delete;
// Initializes the iterator, setting the first value of current. Returns 0 on
// success, error on failure. Must be called before any other operation.
int32_t Init() WARN_UNUSED_RESULT;
// Advances current to the next entry. Returns 0 on success,
// error on failure.
int32_t Next() WARN_UNUSED_RESULT;
// Returns the current DirectoryEntry.
const DirectoryEntry& Get();
// Returns true if there is nothing left to iterate over.
virtual ~BaseDirectoryIterator();
// Returns true on the entry types that should be included.
virtual bool ShouldIncludeEntryType(uint32_t smbc_type) const = 0;
// Fetches the next chunk of DirEntries into entries_ and resets
// |current_entry_index|. Sets |is_done_| if there are no more entries to
// fetch. Returns 0 on success.
int32_t FillBuffer();
// Reads entries without metadata into |dir_buf_| then converts the raw
// buffer into the |entries_| vector.
int32_t ReadEntriesToVector();
// Reads entries that include metadata in the |entries_| vector.
int32_t ReadEntriesWithMetadataToVector();
// Clears the |entries_| vector and resets |current_entry_index_| to 0.
void ClearVector();
// Opens the directory at |dir_path_|, setting |dir_id|. Returns 0 on success
// and errno on failure.
int32_t OpenDirectory();
// Attempts to Close the directory with |dir_id_|. Logs on failure.
void CloseDirectory();
// Helper method to transform and add |dirent| to the |entries_| vector as
// a DirectoryEntry.
void AddEntryIfValid(const smbc_dirent& dirent);
// Helper method to transform and add |file_info| to the |entries_| vector as
// a DirectoryEntry.
void AddEntryIfValid(const struct libsmb_file_info& file_info);
const std::string dir_path_;
std::vector<DirectoryEntry> entries_;
uint32_t current_entry_index_ = 0;
// |batch_size_| is the number of entries to populate at one time.
size_t batch_size_ = 0;
// |dir_id_| represents the fd for the open directory at |dir_path_|.
int32_t dir_id_ = -1;
// |is_done_| is set to true when no entries left to read.
bool is_done_ = false;
// |is_initialized_| is set to true once Init() executes successfully.
bool is_initialized_ = false;
// |include_metadata| uses readdirplus to populate metadata while reading
// the directory.
bool include_metadata_ = false;
SambaInterface::WeakPtr samba_interface_;
// DirectoryIterator is an implementation of BaseDirectoryIterator that only
// iterates through files and directories.
class DirectoryIterator : public BaseDirectoryIterator {
using BaseDirectoryIterator::BaseDirectoryIterator;
DirectoryIterator(const std::string& full_path,
SambaInterface* samba_interface)
: DirectoryIterator(full_path,
true /* include_metadata */) {}
DirectoryIterator(DirectoryIterator&& other) = default;
DirectoryIterator(const DirectoryIterator&) = delete;
DirectoryIterator& operator=(const DirectoryIterator&) = delete;
bool ShouldIncludeEntryType(uint32_t smbc_type) const override {
return IsFileOrDir(smbc_type);
} // namespace smbprovider