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Creating a new TEE app

Instructions for creating a new TEE application and having it installed along with the ManaTEE environment.

Add TEE app

Create a new file in platform2/sirenia/manatee-runtime/src. The convention for naming is For an example application see: The necessary pieces of a TEE app are as follows:

use std::borrow::{Borrow, BorrowMut};
use std::io;

use manatee_runtime::storage::TrichechusStorage;
use manatee_runtime::{ExclusiveScopedData, ScopedData};

 * A callback function for when the id is not found in the backing store.
fn callback(s: &str) -> String {
    <callback contents>

 * The main body of the TEE app that will be run when started by Trichechus.
fn main() {
    let mut buffer = String::new();

    // Initialize the storage object that allows writing to the backing store through Trichechus.
    let mut store = TrichechusStorage::new();

    // Creating a new scoped data that is backed by storage on Chrome OS. The data will be
    // written back to Chrome OS when flush is called or the data goes out of scope.
    let mut data: ExclusiveScopedData<String, TrichechusStorage> =
        ScopedData::new(&mut store, "<data_id>", callback).unwrap();

    // Borrow the scoped data itself for usage and mutation.
    let s: &mut String = data.borrow_mut();

    // Reading from stdin reads from the pipe connected to the calling process that requested
    // startup from Dugong on Chrome OS.
    let line = io::stdin().read_line(&mut buffer);

    // Outputting to stdout writes to the pipe connected to the calling process that requested TEE
    // startup from Dugong on Chrome OS.

Add app manifest entry for new tee app in sirenia/src/app_info/ For now, the feature is still in development, so scope and domain can be Test and "test".

manifest.add_app_manifest_entry(AppManifestEntry {
   app_name: "<app_name>".to_string(),
   scope: Scope::<System|Session|Test>,
   path: "/usr/bin/demo_app".to_string(),
   domain: "<domain_name>".to_string(),
   sandbox_type: SandboxType::<Container|DeveloperEnvironment|VirtualMachine>,

Add the binary to the Cargo.toml.

name = "<app_name>"
path = "src/<app-name>.rs"

Add app to ebuild

In order for the app to actually show up on the system, it needs to be installed via the manatee-runtime ebuild. All of the logic is already in place to install it into the right location (the install location depends on whether it is a manatee build or not) and install lines for the new app just need to be added to each place the demo-app is installed.

if use manatee ;  then
	doexe "${build_dir}/demo_app"
+	doexe "${build_dir}/<your_app_name>"
	dobin "${build_dir}/demo_app"
+	dobin "${build_dir}/<your_app_name>"

ManaTEE Runtime API

This library is the API endpoint for TEE applications to communicate with Trichechus.

Storage APIs

The main feature provided by this library is storage capabilities. This library offers abstractions for reading and writing data via scoped data, a key value store, or raw APIs.

Raw APIs

This includes read_raw and write_raw that can be used to read and write data to the ManaTEE backing store.


This reads the data into a local store on construction and writes it back on flush or drop.

Scoped Key Value API

This reads in an entire key value store on construction and writes it back on flush or drop.