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  3. cros_region_data

Chromium OS Region Database.

This folder contains the Chromium OS region database.

The database is created in JSON format and available in /usr/share/misc/cros-regions.json.

Every Chromium OS device should have a region VPD entry that can be directly used as a key into this JSON database.

New Regions

For projects that need to use unpublished regions, please:

  1. Visit http://go/cros-keyboard-request and find the table Consolidated VPD & region data, and check if your region is confirmed. (If not, contact OOBE / L10N team to confirm and sign-off).
  2. cd ~/trunk/src/private-overlays/chromeos-partner-overlay/chromeos-base
  3. cd regions-private/files
  4. Edit to add correct region data into REGIONS_LIST.
  5. Build system and try. You can use tool cros_region_data to verify: cros_region_data <FIELD> <REGION_TO_TEST> For example, cros_region_data description us shows United States.
  6. Create the CL and cherry-pick into both factory branches and release image (including FSI) branches.