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  1. compression/
  2. dbus/
  3. encryption/
  4. init/
  5. proto/
  6. scheduler/
  7. storage/
  8. util/
  12. missive_daemon.h
  14. OWNERS

Missive Daemon

The Missive Daemon encrypts, stores, and forwards reporting records enqueued on its DBus interface. The interface allows other CrOS daemons and Chrome to enqueue records which are then encrypted and stored on disk. Records are enqueued in different priority queues, which have different upload periods. Once the storage daemon determines that a queue is ready for upload (i.e. the requisite period has elapsed), it sends records to Chrome to be uploaded to the Reporting Server. On successful upload, records are deleted from disk.

Note: This is a complementary daemon to the //chrome/browser/policy/messaging_layer package in chromium.

Build and Deploy

# HOST (inside chroot)
~$ cros-workon-${BOARD} start missive
~$ emerge-${BOARD} missive
~$ cros deploy ssh://localhost:9222 missive

~# start missived

Original design docs

Note that aspects of the design may have evolved since the original design docs were written.

Updating From Chromium

General Guidelines

The code in the following folders originally comes from chromium://components/reporting:

  • compression
  • encryption
  • proto
  • storage
  • util

When importing updates from the chromium code you will encounter the following issues:

  1. #include statements in chromium for //base need to be converted as follows: #include “base/example.h” -> #include <base/example.h>
  2. Protobuf include directory can be converted from chromium as follows: “third_party/protobuf/src/google/protobuf/...” -> <google/protobuf/...>
  3. ChromeOS doesn‘t need to worry about worrying on multiple operating systems, so doesn’t require FILE_PATH_LITERAL, base::FilePath::CharType, or base::FilePath::StringType. It can be assumed that these are simple char or std::strings.
  4. base::DoNothing() comes from <base/bind_helpers.h> rather than “base/callback_helpers.h”

Specific Files