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DPSL library

This directory contains the DPSL library (“diagnostics_processor support library”).

Please see ../ for general information on this project.


This library is intended to be used by third-party implementors of the wilco_dtc daemon.

Essentially, it's a helper library for writing an asynchronous program that is able to:

  • Make gRPC requests to the wilco_dtc_supportd daemon in order to fetch device telemetry information, make network requests, etc. See the API definition at grpc/wilco_dtc_supportd.proto.

  • Serve incoming gRPC requests that the wilco_dtc_supportd daemon is making, which allow to pass the output of the telemetry processing. See the API definition at grpc/wilco_dtc.proto.

API considerations

Considerations made when designing this DPSL library:

  1. The library should take care of proper initialization of gRPC clients and services.

  2. The API should incline towards simple threading models, similar in spirit to Threading and Tasks in Chrome. Some precise goals: objects should be single-threaded (with a few clear exceptions); synchronous blocking should be avoided; long-running jobs should be offloaded to background threads.

  3. The API should be stable and source-level backwards compatible whenever possible. The reason is that the consumers of this library will be implemented by third parties in the closed-source form.

  4. The API should have no explicit dependency on symbols from libchrome/libbrillo. (This is a consequence of the item #3 - without this, third-party consumers of this library would have to constantly update their code to track libchrome/libbrillo changes.) Note, however, that the library continues to use libchrome/libbrillo under the hood.

  5. The library should be licensed in a way that allows it to be used by third parties in their closed-source implementations.