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// Copyright (c) 2013 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <base/compiler_specific.h>
#include <base/files/file_path_watcher.h>
#include <base/macros.h>
#include <base/memory/weak_ptr.h>
#include <base/time/time.h>
#include <base/timer/timer.h>
#include <dbus/exported_object.h>
#include <dbus/message.h>
#include "power_manager/common/activity_logger.h"
#include "power_manager/common/power_constants.h"
#include "power_manager/common/prefs_observer.h"
#include "power_manager/proto_bindings/policy.pb.h"
namespace dbus {
class Message;
class MethodCall;
class ObjectProxy;
class Signal;
} // namespace dbus
namespace power_manager {
class Clock;
class PrefsInterface;
namespace system {
class DBusWrapperInterface;
} // namespace system
namespace policy {
// StateController is responsible for telling the power manager when to
// perform various actions.
class StateController : public PrefsObserver {
// Reasons that actions are performed.
enum class ActionReason {
// The user was inactive for long enough that the idle timeout was reached.
// The system's lid was closed.
// Interface for classes that perform the actions requested by
// StateController (or otherwise help it interact with the real world).
class Delegate {
virtual ~Delegate() {}
// Returns true if a USB input devices is connected.
virtual bool IsUsbInputDeviceConnected() = 0;
// Returns true if the Chrome OS OOBE (out of box experience) has been
// completed.
virtual bool IsOobeCompleted() = 0;
// Returns true if an HDMI audio output is active. This method does not need
// to check whether audio is actually currently playing.
virtual bool IsHdmiAudioActive() = 0;
// Returns true if a cable is currently plugged in to the headphone jack.
virtual bool IsHeadphoneJackPlugged() = 0;
// Dims the screen in response to the system being idle.
virtual void DimScreen() = 0;
// Undoes DimScreen().
virtual void UndimScreen() = 0;
// Turns the screen off in response to the system being idle.
virtual void TurnScreenOff() = 0;
// Undoes TurnScreenOff().
virtual void TurnScreenOn() = 0;
// Requests that the screen be locked.
virtual void LockScreen() = 0;
// Suspends the system.
virtual void Suspend(ActionReason reason) = 0;
// Stops the current session, logging the currently-logged-in user out.
virtual void StopSession() = 0;
// Shuts the system down.
virtual void ShutDown() = 0;
// Reports metrics in response to user activity.
virtual void ReportUserActivityMetrics() = 0;
class TestApi {
explicit TestApi(StateController* controller);
TestApi(const TestApi&) = delete;
TestApi& operator=(const TestApi&) = delete;
Clock* clock() { return controller_->clock_.get(); }
base::TimeTicks action_timer_time() const {
return controller_->action_timer_time_for_testing_;
// Runs StateController::HandleActionTimeout(). May only be called if the
// timer is running.
void TriggerActionTimeout();
// Runs StateController::HandleInitialStateTimeout(). Returns false if the
// timer wasn't running.
bool TriggerInitialStateTimeout() WARN_UNUSED_RESULT;
// Runs StateController::HandleWaitForExternalDisplayTimeout(). Returns
// false if the timer wasn't running.
bool TriggerWaitForExternalDisplayTimeout() WARN_UNUSED_RESULT;
// Runs StateController::HandleCrashBootCollectTimeout(). Returns
// false if the timer wasn't running.
bool TriggerHandleCrashBootCollectTimeout();
StateController* controller_; // weak
// Delays are lengthened if user activity is observed while the screen is
// dimmed or within this many milliseconds of the screen being turned
// off.
static const int kUserActivityAfterScreenOffIncreaseDelaysMs;
// Time before the screen is dimmed when a ScreenDimImminent D-Bus signal
// should be emitted.
static constexpr base::TimeDelta kScreenDimImminentInterval =
// Timeout for RequestSmartDimDecision.
static constexpr base::TimeDelta kSmartDimDecisionTimeout =
// Returns a string describing |policy|.
static std::string GetPolicyDebugString(const PowerManagementPolicy& policy);
StateController(const StateController&) = delete;
StateController& operator=(const StateController&) = delete;
~StateController() override;
base::TimeTicks last_user_activity_time() const {
return last_user_activity_time_;
void set_request_smart_dim_decision_for_testing(bool should_ask) {
request_smart_dim_decision_ = should_ask;
// Is the system currently in "docked mode", where it remains awake while
// the lid is closed because an external display is connected?
bool in_docked_mode() {
return display_mode_ == DisplayMode::PRESENTATION &&
lid_state_ == LidState::CLOSED;
// Ownership of |delegate|, |dbus_wrapper|, and |prefs| remains with the
// caller.
void Init(Delegate* delegate,
PrefsInterface* prefs,
system::DBusWrapperInterface* dbus_wrapper,
PowerSource power_source,
LidState lid_state);
// Handles various changes to external state.
void HandlePowerSourceChange(PowerSource source);
void HandleLidStateChange(LidState state);
void HandleTabletModeChange(TabletMode mode);
void HandleSessionStateChange(SessionState state);
void HandleDisplayModeChange(DisplayMode mode);
// Handles Resume. |State| is the latest lid state after resume.
void HandleResume(LidState state);
void HandlePolicyChange(const PowerManagementPolicy& policy);
// Handles notification of different types of activity.
void HandleUserActivity();
void HandleVideoActivity();
void HandleWakeNotification();
// Handles audio activity starting or stopping.
void HandleAudioStateChange(bool active);
// Handles updates to the TPM status.
void HandleTpmStatus(int dictionary_attack_count);
// PrefsInterface::Observer implementation:
void OnPrefChanged(const std::string& pref_name) override;
bool screen_dim_deferred_for_testing() const {
return screen_dim_deferred_for_testing_;
// Holds a collection of delays. Unset delays take the zero value.
struct Delays {
base::TimeDelta idle;
base::TimeDelta idle_warning;
base::TimeDelta screen_off;
base::TimeDelta screen_dim;
base::TimeDelta screen_dim_imminent;
base::TimeDelta screen_lock;
bool operator!=(const Delays& o) const;
// Tracks the state of an activity that starts and stops.
class ActivityInfo;
// These correspond to the identically-named values in the
// PowerManagementPolicy_Action enum.
enum class Action {
static std::string ActionToString(Action action);
// Converts an Action enum value from a PowerManagementPolicy protocol buffer
// to the corresponding StateController::Action value.
static Action ProtoActionToAction(PowerManagementPolicy_Action proto_action);
// Current status of update_engine, the system updater.
enum class UpdaterState {
// No update is currently being applied.
// An update is being downloaded, verified, or applied.
// An update has been successfully applied and will be used after a reboot.
// Scales the |screen_dim| delay within |delays| by
// |screen_dim_scale_factor| and lengthens the other delays to maintain
// their original distances from the screen-dim delay. Does nothing if
// |screen_dim_scale_factor| is less than or equal to one or if the
// dimming delay is unset.
static void ScaleDelays(Delays* delays, double screen_dim_scale_factor);
// Adjusts values in |delays| to ensure they make sense.
static void SanitizeDelays(Delays* delays);
// Merges set fields from |policy_delays| into |delays_out|, which should
// already be initialized with default settings.
static void MergeDelaysFromPolicy(
const PowerManagementPolicy::Delays& policy_delays, Delays* delays_out);
// Is StateController currently waiting for the display mode and policy to be
// received for the first time after Init() was called?
bool WaitingForInitialState() const;
// Is Statecontroller waiting for external display on resuming with lid
// still closed. Used to defer idle and suspend action until the timer
// expires.
bool WaitingForExternalDisplay() const;
// Is StateController waiting for crash-reporter per boot crash collection.
// Used to defer lid closed action until the timer expires.
bool WaitingForCrashBootCollect() const;
// Should inactivity-triggered actions be deferred due to StateController
// waiting for user activity to be seen during the current session?
bool WaitingForInitialUserActivity() const;
// Stops |initial_state_timer_| if |got_initial_display_mode_| and
// |got_initial_policy_| are both true.
void MaybeStopInitialStateTimer();
// Stops |wait_for_external_display_timer_|.
void StopWaitForExternalDisplayTimer();
// Stops |wait_for_crash_boot_collect_timer_| if
// |kCrashBootCollectorDoneFile| exists.
void MaybeStopWaitForCrashBootCollectTimer(const base::FilePath& path,
bool error);
// Returns true if the idle, screen-dim, screen-lock, or screen-off actions
// are currently blocked and can't occur until something changes via a call to
// UpdateState().
bool IsIdleBlocked() const;
bool IsScreenDimBlocked() const;
bool IsScreenOffBlocked() const;
bool IsScreenLockBlocked() const;
// Returns the last time at which activity occurred that should defer
// |idle_action_|, taking |on_ac_|, |use_audio_activity_|,
// |use_video_activity_|, and |*_wake_lock_| into account.
base::TimeTicks GetLastActivityTimeForIdle(base::TimeTicks now) const;
// Returns the last time at which activity occurred that should defer a screen
// timeout.
base::TimeTicks GetLastActivityTimeForRequestSmartDim(
base::TimeTicks now) const;
base::TimeTicks GetLastActivityTimeForScreenDim(base::TimeTicks now) const;
base::TimeTicks GetLastActivityTimeForScreenOff(base::TimeTicks now) const;
base::TimeTicks GetLastActivityTimeForScreenLock(base::TimeTicks now) const;
// Updates |last_user_activity_time_| to contain the current time and
// calls |delegate_|'s ReportUserActivityMetrics() method.
void UpdateLastUserActivityTime();
// Initializes |require_usb_input_device_to_suspend_|, |pref_*|, and other
// pref-derived members from |prefs_|.
// TODO(chromeos-power): Add a |reload| argument. Most prefs should only be
// read once at startup; ignore runtime changes to anything not checked in
// OnPrefChanged().
void LoadPrefs();
// Updates in-use settings and calls UpdateState(). Copies values from
// |pref_*| and then applies externally-provided settings from |policy_|.
void UpdateSettingsAndState();
// Logs the current settings (as updated by UpdateSettingsAndState()) to aid
// in debugging.
void LogSettings();
// Instructs |delegate_| to perform |action| for |reason|.
void PerformAction(Action action, ActionReason reason);
// Helper function to UpdateState(). Returns idle action to be performed based
// on user preferences and several other external factors.
Action GetIdleAction() const;
// Ensures that the system is in the correct state, given the times at which
// activity was last seen, the lid state, the currently-set delays, etc.
// Invokes ScheduleActionTimeout() when done. If something that affects the
// current settings has changed, UpdateSettingsAndState() should be called
// instead.
void UpdateState();
// Stops |action_timer_| and resets it to fire when action is next needed,
// given a current time of |now|.
void ScheduleActionTimeout(base::TimeTicks now);
// Invoked by |action_timer_| when it's time to perform an action.
void HandleActionTimeout();
// Invoked by |initial_state_timer_| if the current display mode and policy
// weren't received in a reasonable amount of time after Init() was called.
void HandleInitialStateTimeout();
// Invoked by |wait_for_crash_boot_collect_timer_| if
// |kCrashBootCollectorDoneFile| is not created after
// |kCrashBootCollectTimeout| after resuming.
void HandleCrashBootCollectTimeout();
// Invoked by |wait_for_external_display_timer_| if display mode change is not
// received in |KResuspendOnClosedLidTimeout| after resuming with lid still
// closed.
void HandleWaitForExternalDisplayTimeout();
// Constructs a protocol message containing the currently-active inactivity
// delays.
PowerManagementPolicy::Delays CreateInactivityDelaysProto() const;
// Handles various D-Bus method calls.
void HandleGetInactivityDelaysMethodCall(
dbus::MethodCall* method_call,
dbus::ExportedObject::ResponseSender response_sender);
// Handles the update_engine D-Bus service becoming initially available.
void HandleUpdateEngineAvailable(bool available);
// Hadles StatusUpdateAdvanced D-Bus signals from update_engine.
void HandleUpdateEngineStatusUpdateSignal(dbus::Signal* signal);
// Handles status updates from update_engine. This is a helper used by both
// HandleUpdateEngineStatusUpdateSignal() and HandleUpdateEngineAvailable(),
// and |message| can be either a StatusUpdateAdvanced D-Bus signal or the
// response to a GetStatusAdvanced D-Bus method call; both have the same
// arguments.
void HandleUpdateEngineStatusMessage(dbus::Message* message);
// Announces that the screen's dimmed- or off-for-inactivity state has
// changed.
void EmitScreenIdleStateChanged(bool dimmed, bool off);
// Handles the |ml_decision_dbus_proxy_| becoming initially available.
void HandleMlDecisionServiceAvailable(bool available);
// Request from ML decision D-Bus service.
void RequestSmartDimDecision();
// Handles smart dim response, serves as callback in RequestSmartDimDecision.
void HandleSmartDimResponse(dbus::Response* response);
Delegate* delegate_ = nullptr; // not owned
PrefsInterface* prefs_ = nullptr; // not owned
system::DBusWrapperInterface* dbus_wrapper_ = nullptr; // not owned
// Owned by |dbus_wrapper_|.
dbus::ObjectProxy* update_engine_dbus_proxy_ = nullptr;
dbus::ObjectProxy* ml_decision_dbus_proxy_ = nullptr;
std::unique_ptr<Clock> clock_;
// Has Init() been called?
bool initialized_ = false;
// Have initial values for |display_mode_| and |policy_| been received? The
// lid-closed action is deferred while waiting for the initial state.
bool got_initial_display_mode_ = false;
bool got_initial_policy_ = false;
// Runs HandleActionTimeout().
base::OneShotTimer action_timer_;
// Runs HandleInitialStateTimeout().
base::OneShotTimer initial_state_timer_;
// Runs HandleWaitForExternalDisplayTimeout().
base::OneShotTimer wait_for_external_display_timer_;
// Runs HandleCrashBootCollectTimeout().
base::OneShotTimer wait_for_crash_boot_collect_timer_;
// Time at which |action_timer_| has been scheduled to fire.
base::TimeTicks action_timer_time_for_testing_;
// Current power source.
PowerSource power_source_ = PowerSource::AC;
// Current state of the lid.
LidState lid_state_ = LidState::NOT_PRESENT;
// Current user session state.
SessionState session_state_ = SessionState::STOPPED;
// Current system update state.
UpdaterState updater_state_ = UpdaterState::IDLE;
// Whether the system is presenting or not.
DisplayMode display_mode_ = DisplayMode::NORMAL;
// These track whether various actions have already been performed by
// UpdateState().
bool waiting_for_smart_dim_decision_ = false;
bool screen_dimmed_ = false;
bool screen_turned_off_ = false;
bool requested_screen_lock_ = false;
bool sent_idle_warning_ = false;
bool idle_action_performed_ = false;
bool lid_closed_action_performed_ = false;
// Set to true by UpdateSettingsAndState() if UpdateState() should send
// another warning if the delay has elapsed, even if |sent_idle_warning_| is
// true. Warnings contain the remaining time until the idle action will be
// performed, so they are re-sent when this interval is likely to have
// changed.
bool resend_idle_warning_ = false;
// Time at which the screen was turned off, or null if
// |screen_turned_off_| is false. Used for updating
// |saw_user_activity_soon_after_screen_dim_or_off_|.
base::TimeTicks screen_turned_off_time_;
// True if user activity was observed after the screen was dimmed or soon
// after it was turned off (which can result in delays being lengthened
// to not annoy the user the next time). Reset when the session state
// changes.
bool saw_user_activity_soon_after_screen_dim_or_off_ = false;
// True if user activity has been observed during the current session.
bool saw_user_activity_during_current_session_ = false;
// Should the system only idle-suspend if a USB input device is
// connected? This is controlled by the
// |kRequireUsbInputDeviceToSuspendPref| pref and set on hardware that
// doesn't wake in response to Bluetooth input devices.
bool require_usb_input_device_to_suspend_ = false;
// Should the system avoid suspending when something is plugged in to the
// headphone jack? This is controlled by the
// |kAvoidSuspendWhenHeadphoneJackPluggedPref| pref and set for hardware that
// generates noise on the headphone jack when suspended.
bool avoid_suspend_when_headphone_jack_plugged_ = false;
// Should the system be prevented from suspending in response to
// inactivity? This is controlled by the |kDisableIdleSuspendPref| pref
// and overrides |policy_|.
bool disable_idle_suspend_ = false;
// Is the device using a factory image? This is controlled by the
// |kFactoryModePref| pref and overrides |policy_|.
bool factory_mode_ = false;
// Should |policy_| be ignored? Used by tests and developers.
bool ignore_external_policy_ = false;
// Should powerd request smart dim decision via D-Bus service? May be disabled
// by tests.
bool request_smart_dim_decision_ = true;
// True if ml decision service is available.
bool ml_decision_service_available_ = false;
// TPM dictionary-attack counter value.
int tpm_dictionary_attack_count_ = 0;
// |tpm_dictionary_attack_count_| value at or above which the system will
// suspend instead of shutting down in some cases (see
//, or 0 if disabled.
int tpm_dictionary_attack_suspend_threshold_ = 0;
// Time of the last report of user activity, video activity or wake
// notification.
base::TimeTicks last_user_activity_time_;
base::TimeTicks last_video_activity_time_;
base::TimeTicks last_wake_notification_time_;
// Time of the last request of RequestSmartDimDecision.
base::TimeTicks last_smart_dim_decision_request_time_;
// Time of the last deferring screen dim.
base::TimeTicks last_defer_screen_dim_time_;
// Information about audio activity and full-brightness, screen-on-but-dimmed,
// and system-level wake locks.
std::unique_ptr<ActivityInfo> audio_activity_;
std::unique_ptr<ActivityInfo> screen_wake_lock_;
std::unique_ptr<ActivityInfo> dim_wake_lock_;
std::unique_ptr<ActivityInfo> system_wake_lock_;
// Most recent externally-supplied policy.
PowerManagementPolicy policy_;
// Current settings (|pref_*| with |policy_| layered on top).
Action idle_action_ = Action::DO_NOTHING;
Action lid_closed_action_ = Action::DO_NOTHING;
Delays delays_;
bool use_audio_activity_ = true;
bool use_video_activity_ = true;
bool wait_for_initial_user_activity_ = false;
// Default settings loaded from prefs.
Delays pref_ac_delays_;
Delays pref_battery_delays_;
// Human-readable explanation for why the idle action was ignored. This is set
// by UpdateSettingsAndState() and logged by UpdateState() when the action
// would actually be performed.
std::string reason_for_ignoring_idle_action_;
// Periodically logs active wake locks to aid in debugging.
// HandlePolicyChange() logs changes to the wake lock state, but it can be
// hard find and interpret these messages when the last policy change happened
// long ago.
OngoingStateActivityLogger wake_lock_logger_;
// True if the most recent RequestSmartDimDecision call returned true.
// Used by unit tests.
bool screen_dim_deferred_for_testing_ = false;
// Watcher to monitor the presence of |kCrashBootCollectorDoneFile|.
// Presence of this file indicates successfull collection of per-boot crash
// collection.
base::FilePathWatcher crash_boot_collector_watcher_;
base::WeakPtrFactory<StateController> weak_ptr_factory_;
} // namespace policy
} // namespace power_manager