Device Policy Utilities

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A cmd-line tool and related library to set or override device policies on the device.

Library libmgmt

Provides a simple API to set device policies on the device. Local policies are written as JSON files to /etc/opt/chrome/policies/recommended. Chrome automatically reads these files and, if properly formatted, use them as local policy setting. For instance, calling PolicyWriter::SetDeviceAllowBluetooth(true) writes the JSON string

{ "DeviceAllowBluetooth": true }

to /etc/opt/chrome/policies/recommended/device_allow_bluetooth.json, thus allowing the user to enable bluetooth.

Tool policy

A convenience cmd-line to tool to set and clear local device policies.


policy set DeviceAllowBluetooth true set the policy DeviceAllowBluetooth to true using the methodology explained under “Library libmgmt” above.

policy clear DeviceAllowBluetooth reset policy DeviceAllowBluetooth to the default or to whatever it is set to in the Chrome OS Admin panel.

Type policy --help for detailed help and policy --list for a list of policies this tool can edit.