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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stdint.h>
#include <array>
#include <functional>
#include <unordered_set>
#include <base/macros.h>
#include <brillo/brillo_export.h>
namespace patchpanel {
using MacAddress = std::array<uint8_t, 6>;
// Generates locally managed EUI-48 MAC addresses and ensures no collisions
// with any previously generated addresses by this instance.
class BRILLO_EXPORT MacAddressGenerator {
MacAddressGenerator() = default;
MacAddressGenerator(const MacAddressGenerator&) = delete;
MacAddressGenerator& operator=(const MacAddressGenerator&) = delete;
~MacAddressGenerator() = default;
// Generates a new EUI-48 MAC address and ensures that there are no
// collisions with any addresses previously generated by this instance of
// the generator.
MacAddress Generate();
// Returns a stable MAC address whose first 5 octets are fixed and using |id|
// as the sixth. The base address is itself random and was not generated from
// any particular device, physical or virtual. Additionally, the |id| should
// associated with any specific device either, and should be set indepedently.
MacAddress GetStable(uint8_t id) const;
// The standard library sadly does not provide a hash function for std::array.
// So implement one here for MacAddress based off boost::hash_combine.
struct MacAddressHasher {
size_t operator()(const MacAddress& addr) const noexcept {
std::hash<uint8_t> hasher;
size_t hash = 0;
for (uint8_t octet : addr) {
hash ^= hasher(octet) + 0x9e3779b9 + (hash << 6) + (hash >> 2);
return hash;
// Set of all addresses generated by this instance. This doesn't _need_ to be
// an unordered_set but making it one improves the performance of the
// "Duplicates" unit test by ~33% (~150 seconds -> ~100 seconds) and it
// doesn't have a huge impact in production use so that's why we use it here.
std::unordered_set<MacAddress, MacAddressHasher> addrs_;
} // namespace patchpanel