ImageLoader Manifest Parser

Warning: This document is old & has moved. Please update any links:

Library for parsing ImageLoader manifest files. ImageLoader uses these files to verify and mount images (e.g. DLC images).


  • image-sha256-hash: Image hash.
  • table-sha256-hash: Hash of the dm-verity table file.
  • fs-type: File-system type.
  • manifest-version: Required for compatibility.
  • version: e.g. DLC version.
  • is-removable: True if ImageLoader may unload the image.
  • metadata: Expandable metadata.
  • image-type: Type of image, e.g. “component”, “dlc”, etc. Needed for verification and mount flow. Currently only required for DLC.
  • pre-allocated-size: Size to be preallocated for DLC image files.
  • size: Size of the DLC partition inside the image file.
  • id: Formal ID for a DLC.
  • name: Human readable DLC name.