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Device Telemetry and Diagnostics

Warning: This document is old & has moved. Please update any links:

This implements daemons and libraries providing device telemetry and diagnostics.


The daemon that collects telemetry information and exposes APIs that allow to access it. This daemon also acts as a proxy to the more heavily isolated wilco_dtc daemon (Wilco DTC - wilco diagnostics and telemetry controller).


This daemon will process the telemetry information provided by the wilco_dtc_supportd daemon. Exposes an API that allows to obtain the output of the telemetry processing.

APIs between wilco_dtc_supportd and browser

The bidirectional API between wilco_dtc_supportd and the browser is based on Mojo. The bootstrapping of the Mojo connection is performed via D-Bus - specifically, by the browser calling the BootstrapMojoConnection method.

APIs between wilco_dtc_supportd and wilco_dtc

The bidirectional API between wilco_dtc_supportd and wilco_dtc is based on gRPC running over Unix domain sockets.