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# Copyright 2020 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
description "Set up the host side environment for ARCVM"
author ""
start on starting boot-services
oom score -1000
# If your directory will be used by a single service (e.g. vm_concierge),
# create the directory in its conf file (e.g. vm_concierge.conf). This is
# the place to set up enviroment for either multiple services starting up
# at the same time or Chrome.
# Create the runtime directory for ARCVM.
mkdir -p /run/arcvm
chown crosvm:crosvm /run/arcvm
# Create the directory for having files that are created at runtime and
# exported to ARCVM via virtio-fs. Chrome tries to write to the directory
# while it's showing the login screen.
mkdir -p /run/arcvm/host_generated
chmod 770 /run/arcvm/host_generated
chown crosvm:chronos /run/arcvm/host_generated
# Create the directory which is mounted as /oem/etc in the guest.
mkdir -p /run/arcvm/host_generated/oem/etc/permissions
chmod 755 -R /run/arcvm/host_generated/oem
chcon -R "u:object_r:oemfs:s0" /run/arcvm/host_generated/oem
chown chronos:chronos -R /run/arcvm/host_generated/oem
# Devices upgraded from ARC P may have the salt file. Change the file
# permissions from 400 root:root to 440 root:chronos so that Chrome can
# read the file. See b/143976415 for more details.
if [ -f /var/lib/misc/arc_salt ] ; then
chmod 440 /var/lib/misc/arc_salt
chown root:chronos /var/lib/misc/arc_salt
end script