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// Copyright 2019 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stdint.h>
#include <memory>
#include <base/files/scoped_file.h>
#include <base/macros.h>
#include "arc/vm/libvda/event_pipe.h"
#include "arc/vm/libvda/libvda_encode.h"
namespace arc {
// VeaContext is the encode session context created by VeaImpl.
// Implementations should be able to handle method invocations on any thread.
class VeaContext {
VeaContext(const VeaContext&) = delete;
VeaContext& operator=(const VeaContext&) = delete;
virtual ~VeaContext();
// Encodes the frame pointed to by |fd|.
virtual int Encode(vea_input_buffer_id_t input_buffer_id,
base::ScopedFD fd,
size_t num_planes,
video_frame_plane_t* planes,
uint64_t timestamp,
bool force_keyframe) = 0;
// Provides an output buffer for use by the internal encoder
// implementation. Encoded frames will be placed at the buffer specified
// by |fd|. |offset| should specify the offset at the buffer to start
// placing the encoded content and |size| should specify the buffer size.
virtual int UseOutputBuffer(vea_output_buffer_id_t output_buffer_id,
base::ScopedFD fd,
uint32_t offset,
uint32_t size) = 0;
// Requests a change to encoding parameters.
// The return value will be 0 when the param change request has been
// successfully sent, and non-zero otherwise.
virtual int RequestEncodingParamsChange(uint32_t bitrate,
uint32_t framerate) = 0;
// Requests to flush the encode session.
virtual int Flush() = 0;
// Returns the read-only endpoint of the event pipe file descriptor.
int GetEventFd();
// Dispatch a REQUIRE_INPUT_BUFFERS event to the event pipe.
void DispatchRequireInputBuffers(uint32_t input_count,
uint32_t input_frame_width,
uint32_t input_frame_height,
uint32_t output_buffer_size);
// Dispatch a PROCESSED_INPUT_BUFFER event to the event pipe.
void DispatchProcessedInputBuffer(vea_input_buffer_id_t input_buffer_id);
// Dispatch a PROCESSED_OUTPUT_BUFFER event to the event pipe.
void DispatchProcessedOutputBuffer(vea_output_buffer_id_t output_buffer_id,
uint32_t payload_size,
bool key_frame,
int64_t timestamp);
// Dispatch a FLUSH_RESPONSE event to the event pipe.
void DispatchFlushResponse(bool flush_done);
// Dispatch a NOTIFY_ERROR event to the event pipe.
void DispatchNotifyError(vea_error_t error);
void WriteEvent(const vea_event_t& event);
EventPipe event_pipe_;
// VeaImpl encapsulates a VEA implementation that can be used to create encode
// sessions.
class VeaImpl {
VeaImpl(const VeaImpl&) = delete;
VeaImpl& operator=(const VeaImpl&) = delete;
virtual ~VeaImpl();
// Returns the encoding capabilities of this implementation.
// The returned vea_capabilities_t object is owned by VeaImpl.
virtual const vea_capabilities_t* const GetCapabilities();
// Initializes a new encode session and returns a new encode session context.
virtual VeaContext* InitEncodeSession(vea_config_t* config) = 0;
// Closes an open encode session.
virtual void CloseEncodeSession(VeaContext* ctx) = 0;
vea_capabilities_t capabilities_;
} // namespace arc