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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
module video_capture.mojom;
import "mojom/video_capture_types.mojom";
import "mojom/scoped_access_permission.mojom";
// Callback interface for receiving data and messages from a
// video_capture.mojom.Device or
// video_capture.mojom.PushVideoStreamSubscription.
interface VideoFrameHandler {
// Indicates that the producer is going to subsequently use the provided
// buffer as one of possibly many for frame delivery via
// OnFrameReadyInBuffer(). Note, that a call to this method does not mean that
// the caller allows the handler to read from or write to the buffer just yet.
// Temporary permission to read will be given with subsequent calls to
// OnFrameReadyInBuffer().
OnNewBuffer(int32 buffer_id, media.mojom.VideoBufferHandle buffer_handle);
// Indicates that a new frame is ready for consumption in the buffer with id
// |buffer_id| and allows it to read the data from the buffer. The producer
// guarantees that the buffer and its contents stay alive and unchanged until
// VideoFrameHandler releases the given |access_permission|.
OnFrameReadyInBuffer(int32 buffer_id, int32 frame_feedback_id,
pending_remote<ScopedAccessPermission> access_permission,
media.mojom.VideoFrameInfo frame_info);
// Indicates that the producer is no longer going to use the buffer with id
// |buffer_id| for frame delivery. This may be called even while the handler
// is still holding |access_permission| from a call to OnFrameReadInBuffer()
// for the same buffer. In that case, it means that the caller is asking the
// VideoFrameHaVideoFrameReceiverndler to release the read permission and
// buffer handle at its earliest convenience. After this call, a producer may
// immediately reuse the retired |buffer_id| with a new buffer via a call to
// OnNewBuffer().
OnBufferRetired(int32 buffer_id);
// Indicates that an error occurred on the producer side.
OnError(media.mojom.VideoCaptureError error);
OnFrameDropped(media.mojom.VideoCaptureFrameDropReason reason);
OnLog(string message);
// Indicates that the producer side has started successfully. The producer
// guarantees that this is called before any call to OnFrameReadyInBuffer().
// Indicates that the producer side has stopped and is not going to make any
// further calls to this VideoFrameHandler.