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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <unordered_map>
#include <vector>
#include <base/files/file_path.h>
#include <base/macros.h>
#include <base/memory/ref_counted.h>
#include <dbus/authpolicy/dbus-constants.h>
#include "authpolicy/authpolicy_flags.h"
#include "authpolicy/authpolicy_metrics.h"
#include "authpolicy/constants.h"
#include "authpolicy/jail_helper.h"
#include "authpolicy/path_service.h"
#include "authpolicy/proto_bindings/active_directory_info.pb.h"
#include "authpolicy/samba_helper.h"
#include "authpolicy/tgt_manager.h"
#include "bindings/authpolicy_containers.pb.h"
// Helper methods for Samba Active Directory authentication, machine (device)
// joining and policy fetching. Note: "Device" and "machine" can be used
// interchangably here.
namespace authpolicy {
class Anonymizer;
class AuthPolicyMetrics;
class PathService;
class ProcessExecutor;
class SambaInterface {
SambaInterface(scoped_refptr<base::SingleThreadTaskRunner> task_runner,
AuthPolicyMetrics* metrics,
const PathService* path_service,
const base::Closure& user_kerberos_files_changed);
// Creates directories required by Samba code and loads configuration, if it
// exists. Also loads the debug flags file. Returns error
// - if a directory failed to create or
// - if |expect_config| is true and the config file fails to load.
ErrorType Initialize(bool expect_config);
// Cleans all persistent state files. Returns true if all files were cleared.
static bool CleanState(const PathService* path_service);
// Calls kinit to get a Kerberos ticket-granting-ticket (TGT) for the given
// |user_principal_name| (format: user_name@workgroup.domain). If a TGT
// already exists, it is renewed. The password must be readable from the pipe
// referenced by the file descriptor |password_fd|. On success, the user's
// account information is returned in |account_info|. If |account_id| is
// non-empty, the |account_info| is queried by |account_id| instead of by
// user name. This is safer since the account id is invariant, whereas the
// user name can change. The updated user name (or rather the sAMAccountName)
// is returned in the |account_info|. Thus, |account_id| should be set if
// known and left empty if unknown.
ErrorType AuthenticateUser(const std::string& user_principal_name,
const std::string& account_id,
int password_fd,
ActiveDirectoryAccountInfo* account_info);
// Retrieves the status of the user account given by |account_id| (aka
// objectGUID). The status contains general ActiveDirectoryAccountInfo as well
// as the status of the user's ticket-granting-ticket (TGT). Does not fill
// |user_status| on error.
ErrorType GetUserStatus(const std::string& account_id,
ActiveDirectoryUserStatus* user_status);
// Gets the user Kerberos credential cache (krb5cc) and configuration
// (krb5.conf) files if they exist. Does not set |files| on error.
ErrorType GetUserKerberosFiles(const std::string& account_id,
KerberosFiles* files);
// Joins the local device with name |machine_name| to an Active Directory
// domain. A user principal name and password are required for authentication
// (see |AuthenticateUser| for details).
ErrorType JoinMachine(const std::string& machine_name,
const std::string& user_principal_name,
int password_fd);
// Downloads user and extension policy from the Active Directory server and
// stores it in |gpo_policy_data|. |account_id_key| is the unique user GUID
// returned from |AuthenticateUser| in |account_info|, prefixed by "a-". The
// user's Kerberos authentication ticket must still be valid. If this
// operation fails, call |AuthenticateUser| and try again.
ErrorType FetchUserGpos(const std::string& account_id_key,
protos::GpoPolicyData* gpo_policy_data);
// Downloads device and extension policy from the Active Directory server and
// stores it in |gpo_policy_data|. The device must be joined to the Active
// Directory domain already (see |JoinMachine|). During join, a machine
// password is stored in a keytab file, which is used for authentication for
// policy fetch.
ErrorType FetchDeviceGpos(protos::GpoPolicyData* gpo_policy_data);
// Sets the default log level, see AuthPolicyFlags::DefaultLevel for details.
// The level persists between restarts of authpolicyd, but gets reset on
// reboot.
void SetDefaultLogLevel(AuthPolicyFlags::DefaultLevel level);
// Disable retry sleep for unit tests.
void DisableRetrySleepForTesting() {
smbclient_retry_sleep_enabled_ = false;
// Returns the anonymizer.
const Anonymizer* GetAnonymizerForTesting() const {
return anonymizer_.get();
// Renew the user ticket-granting-ticket.
ErrorType RenewUserTgtForTesting() { return user_tgt_manager_.RenewTgt(); }
// Actual implementation of AuthenticateUser() (see above). The method is
// wrapped in order to catch and memorize the returned error.
ErrorType AuthenticateUserInternal(const std::string& user_principal_name,
const std::string& account_id,
int password_fd,
ActiveDirectoryAccountInfo* account_info);
// Retrieves the name of the domain controller (DC) and the IP of the key
// distribution center (KDC). If the full server name is 'server.realm', the
// DC name is set to 'server'. The DC name is required for proper kerberized
// authentication. The KDC address is required to speed up network
// communication and get rid of waiting for the machine account propagation
// after Active Directory domain join.
ErrorType GetRealmInfo(protos::RealmInfo* realm_info) const;
// Gets the status of the user's ticket-granting-ticket (TGT). Uses klist
// internally to check whether the ticket is valid, expired or not present.
// Does not perform any server-side checks.
ErrorType GetUserTgtStatus(ActiveDirectoryUserStatus::TgtStatus* tgt_status);
// Determines the password status by comparing the old |user_pwd_last_set_|
// timestamp to the new timestamp in |account_info|.
ActiveDirectoryUserStatus::PasswordStatus GetUserPasswordStatus(
const ActiveDirectoryAccountInfo& account_info);
// Retrieves the name of the workgroup. Since the workgroup is expected to
// change very rarely, this function earlies out and returns ERROR_NONE if the
// workgroup has already been fetched.
ErrorType EnsureWorkgroup();
// Writes the Samba configuration file.
ErrorType WriteSmbConf() const;
// Writes the Samba configuration file. If |workgroup_| is empty, the
// workgroup is queried from the server and the string is updated. Workgroups
// are only queried once a session, they are expected to change very rarely.
ErrorType EnsureWorkgroupAndWriteSmbConf();
// Writes the file with configuration information.
ErrorType WriteConfiguration() const;
// Reads the file with configuration information.
ErrorType ReadConfiguration();
// Copies the machine keytab file to the state directory. The copy is owned by
// authpolicyd, so that authpolicyd_exec cannot modify it anymore.
ErrorType SecureMachineKeyTab() const;
// Gets user account info. If |account_id| is not empty, searches by
// objectGUID = |account_id| only. Otherwise, searches by sAMAccountName =
// |user_name| and - if that fails - by userPrincipalName = |normalized_upn|.
// Note that sAMAccountName can be different from the name-part of the
// userPrincipalName and that kinit/Windows prefer sAMAccountName over
// userPrincipalName. Refreshes the device TGT.
ErrorType GetAccountInfo(const std::string& user_name,
const std::string& normalized_upn,
const std::string& account_id,
const protos::RealmInfo& realm_info,
ActiveDirectoryAccountInfo* account_info);
// Calls net ads search with given |search_string| to retrieve |account_info|.
// Authenticates with the device TGT.
ErrorType SearchAccountInfo(const std::string& search_string,
ActiveDirectoryAccountInfo* account_info);
// Calls net ads gpo list to retrieve a list of GPOs. |user_or_machine_name|
// may be a user or machine sAMAccountName. (The machine sAMAccountName is the
// machine name postfixed with '$').
ErrorType GetGpoList(const std::string& user_or_machine_name,
PolicyScope scope,
protos::GpoList* gpo_list) const;
// Downloads user or device GPOs in the given |gpo_list|. |scope| determines
// a sub-folder where GPOs are downloaded to. It should match |scope| from
// |GetGpoList|.
ErrorType DownloadGpos(const protos::GpoList& gpo_list,
const std::string& domain_controller_name,
PolicyScope scope,
std::vector<base::FilePath>* gpo_file_paths) const;
// Parses GPOs and stores them in user/device policy protobufs.
ErrorType ParseGposIntoProtobuf(
const std::vector<base::FilePath>& gpo_file_paths,
const char* parser_cmd_string,
std::string* policy_blob) const;
// Sets and fixes the current user by account id key. Only one account id is
// allowed per user. Calling this multiple times with different account ids
// crashes the daemon.
void SetUser(const std::string& account_id_key);
// Anonymizes |realm| in different capitalizations as well as all parts. For
// instance, if realm is SOME.EXAMPLE.COM, anonymizes SOME, EXAMPLE and COM.
void AnonymizeRealm(const std::string& realm);
// Resets internal state to an 'unenrolled' state by wiping configuration and
// user data.
void Reset();
// Loads |flags_default_level_| from Path::FLAGS_DEFAULT_LEVEL. Logs an
// error if the file exists, but the level cannot be loaded. Fails silently if
// the file does not exist.
void LoadFlagsDefaultLevel();
// Saves |flags_default_level_| to Path::FLAGS_DEFAULT_LEVEL. Logs on error.
void SaveFlagsDefaultLevel();
// Reloads debug flags. Should be done on every public method called from
// D-Bus, so that authpolicyd doesn't have to be restarted if the flags
// change. Note that this is cheap in a production environment where the flags
// file does not exist, so this is no performance concern.
void ReloadDebugFlags();
// User account_id (aka objectGUID) prefixed by "a-".
std::string user_account_id_key_;
// User logon name.
std::string user_sam_account_name_;
// Timestamp of last password change on server.
uint64_t user_pwd_last_set_ = 0;
// Is the user logged in?
bool user_logged_in_ = false;
// Last AuthenticateUser() error.
ErrorType last_auth_error_ = ERROR_NONE;
std::unique_ptr<protos::ActiveDirectoryConfig> config_;
std::string workgroup_;
// The order of members is carefully chosen to match initialization order, so
// don't mess with it unless you have a reason.
// UMA statistics, not owned.
AuthPolicyMetrics* metrics_;
// Lookup for file paths, not owned.
const PathService* paths_;
// Removes sensitive data from logs.
std::unique_ptr<Anonymizer> anonymizer_;
// Debug flags, loaded from Path::DEBUG_FLAGS.
protos::DebugFlags flags_;
AuthPolicyFlags::DefaultLevel flags_default_level_ = AuthPolicyFlags::kQuiet;
// Helper to setup and run minijailed processes.
JailHelper jail_helper_;
// User and device ticket-granting-ticket managers.
TgtManager user_tgt_manager_;
TgtManager device_tgt_manager_;
// Whether kinit calls may return false negatives and must be retried.
bool retry_machine_kinit_ = false;
// Whether to sleep when retrying smbclient (disable for testing).
bool smbclient_retry_sleep_enabled_ = true;
} // namespace authpolicy