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SELinux policy for Chrome OS

SELinux policy for Chrome OS lives here.

Directory structure:


  • |- policy SELinux policies live here. It contains sids, access vectors, mls, security classes, users, and roles definitions, type definitions, necessary macros for policy writing, and AVC rules.
    • |- base sids, access vectors, mls, security classes, users, roles definitions. fs_use, and genfs definitions. fs_use defines context for different filesystems, e.g, devtmpfs -> u:object_r:device:s0, ext4 -> u:object_r:labeledfs:s0. genfscon defines file labels from the policy (so no need to xattr actual inode), mostly for procfs.
    • |- chromeos All Chrome OS AVCs except for those in chromeos_base live here. Chrome OS file type definitions also live here.
      • |- te_macros Chrome OS-specific macros to write .te files, excluding those in policy/base or in shared.
      • |- attributes Chrome OS attributes.
      • |- file.te Chrome OS file labels.
      • |- **.te AVC rules for different domains.
    • |- chromeos_base minijail, cros_init, and cros init script domains live here. Inside structure similar to chromeos.
    • |- mask_only an NO-OP mask to make sure (base + mask_only) combined is a valid monotlithic policy.
  • |- file_contexts file labels on system image, stateful partition, devtmpfs, sysfs live here.
  • \- shared shared macros live here.


Docs are located at chromiumos/docs/security/