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// Copyright 2020 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <cstdint>
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <base/optional.h>
#include <brillo/errors/error.h>
#include <lorgnette/proto_bindings/lorgnette_service.pb.h>
#include <sane/sane.h>
namespace lorgnette {
struct ValidOptionValues {
std::vector<uint32_t> resolutions;
std::vector<DocumentSource> sources;
std::vector<std::string> color_modes;
enum FrameFormat {
struct ScanParameters {
FrameFormat format;
int bytes_per_line;
int pixels_per_line;
int lines;
int depth;
// This class represents an active connection to a scanning device.
// At most 1 active connection to a particular device is allowed at once.
// This class is thread-compatible, but not thread-safe.
class SaneDevice {
virtual ~SaneDevice() {}
virtual base::Optional<ValidOptionValues> GetValidOptionValues(
brillo::ErrorPtr* error) = 0;
virtual base::Optional<int> GetScanResolution(brillo::ErrorPtr* error) = 0;
virtual bool SetScanResolution(brillo::ErrorPtr* error, int resolution) = 0;
virtual base::Optional<std::string> GetDocumentSource(
brillo::ErrorPtr* error) = 0;
virtual bool SetDocumentSource(brillo::ErrorPtr* error,
const std::string& source_name) = 0;
virtual bool SetColorMode(brillo::ErrorPtr* error, ColorMode color_mode) = 0;
virtual bool SetScanRegion(brillo::ErrorPtr* error,
const ScanRegion& region) = 0;
virtual SANE_Status StartScan(brillo::ErrorPtr* error) = 0;
virtual base::Optional<ScanParameters> GetScanParameters(
brillo::ErrorPtr* error) = 0;
virtual SANE_Status ReadScanData(brillo::ErrorPtr* error,
uint8_t* buf,
size_t count,
size_t* read_out) = 0;
// This function is thread-safe.
virtual bool CancelScan(brillo::ErrorPtr* error) = 0;
// This class represents a connection to the scanner library SANE. Once
// created, it will initialize a connection to SANE, and it will disconnect
// when destroyed.
// At most 1 connection to SANE is allowed to be active per process, so the
// user must be careful to ensure that is the case.
class SaneClient {
virtual ~SaneClient() {}
virtual base::Optional<std::vector<ScannerInfo>> ListDevices(
brillo::ErrorPtr* error) = 0;
std::unique_ptr<SaneDevice> ConnectToDevice(brillo::ErrorPtr* error,
const std::string& device_name);
virtual std::unique_ptr<SaneDevice> ConnectToDeviceInternal(
brillo::ErrorPtr* error, const std::string& device_name) = 0;
} // namespace lorgnette