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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "installer/chromeos_legacy.h"
#include <stdio.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <base/files/file_enumerator.h>
#include <base/files/file_path.h>
#include <base/files/file_util.h>
#include <base/strings/stringprintf.h>
#include <base/strings/string_util.h>
#include "installer/inst_util.h"
using std::string;
using std::vector;
bool UpdateLegacyKernel(const InstallConfig& install_config) {
const base::FilePath root_mount(install_config.root.mount());
const base::FilePath boot_mount(install_config.boot.mount());
const base::FilePath kernel_from = root_mount.Append("boot/vmlinuz");
const base::FilePath kernel_to =
boot_mount.Append("syslinux").Append("vmlinuz." + install_config.slot);
return CopyFile(kernel_from.value(), kernel_to.value());
string ExplandVerityArguments(const string& kernel_config,
const string& root_uuid) {
string kernel_config_dm = ExtractKernelArg(kernel_config, "dm");
// The verity config from the kernel contains short hand symbols for
// partition names that we have to expand to specific UUIDs.
// %U+1 -> XXX-YYY-ZZZ
ReplaceAll(&kernel_config_dm, "%U+1", root_uuid);
ReplaceAll(&kernel_config_dm, "%U/PARTNROFF=1", root_uuid);
return kernel_config_dm;
bool RunLegacyPostInstall(const InstallConfig& install_config) {
const base::FilePath root_mount(install_config.root.mount());
const base::FilePath root_syslinux = root_mount.Append("boot/syslinux");
const base::FilePath boot_mount(install_config.boot.mount());
const base::FilePath boot_syslinux = boot_mount.Append("syslinux");
printf("Running LegacyPostInstall\n");
if (RunCommand({"cp", "-nR", root_syslinux.value(), boot_mount.value()}) !=
0) {
return false;
if (!UpdateLegacyKernel(install_config))
return false;
string kernel_config = DumpKernelConfig(install_config.kernel.device());
string kernel_config_root = ExtractKernelArg(kernel_config, "root");
// Prepare the new default.cfg
string verity_enabled =
(IsReadonly(kernel_config_root) ? "chromeos-vhd" : "chromeos-hd");
string default_syslinux_cfg = base::StringPrintf(
"DEFAULT %s.%s\n", verity_enabled.c_str(), install_config.slot.c_str());
const base::FilePath syslinux_cfg = boot_syslinux.Append("default.cfg");
if (!WriteStringToFile(default_syslinux_cfg, syslinux_cfg.value()))
return false;
// Prepare the new root.A/B.cfg
const base::FilePath old_root_cfg_file =
root_syslinux.Append("root." + install_config.slot + ".cfg");
const base::FilePath new_root_cfg_file =
// Copy over the unmodified version for this release...
if (!CopyFile(old_root_cfg_file.value(), new_root_cfg_file.value()))
return false;
// Insert the proper root device for non-verity boots
if (!ReplaceInFile("HDROOT" + install_config.slot,
install_config.root.device(), new_root_cfg_file.value()))
return false;
string kernel_config_dm =
ExplandVerityArguments(kernel_config, install_config.root.uuid());
if (kernel_config_dm.empty()) {
printf("Failed to extract Verity arguments.");
return false;
// Insert the proper verity options for verity boots
if (!ReplaceInFile("DMTABLE" + install_config.slot, kernel_config_dm,
return false;
return true;
// Copy a file from the root partition to the boot partition.
bool CopyBootFile(const InstallConfig& install_config,
const std::string& src,
const std::string& dst) {
bool result = true;
const base::FilePath root_mount(install_config.root.mount());
const base::FilePath boot_mount(install_config.boot.mount());
const base::FilePath src_path = root_mount.Append(src);
const base::FilePath dst_path = boot_mount.Append(dst);
// If the source file file exists, copy it into place, else do nothing.
if (base::PathExists(src_path)) {
printf("Copying '%s' to '%s'\n", src_path.value().c_str(),
result = CopyFile(src_path.value(), dst_path.value());
} else {
printf("Not present to install: '%s'\n", src_path.value().c_str());
return result;
bool RunLegacyUBootPostInstall(const InstallConfig& install_config) {
bool result = true;
printf("Running LegacyUBootPostInstall\n");
result &= CopyBootFile(install_config,
"boot/boot-" + install_config.slot + ".scr.uimg",
result &= CopyBootFile(
install_config, "boot/uEnv." + install_config.slot + ".txt", "uEnv.txt");
result &= CopyBootFile(install_config, "boot/MLO", "MLO");
result &= CopyBootFile(install_config, "boot/u-boot.img", "u-boot.img");
return result;
bool UpdateEfiBootloaders(const InstallConfig& install_config) {
bool result = true;
const base::FilePath src_dir =
const base::FilePath dest_dir =
base::FileEnumerator file_enum(src_dir, false, base::FileEnumerator::FILES,
for (auto src = file_enum.Next(); !src.empty(); src = file_enum.Next()) {
const base::FilePath dest = dest_dir.Append(src.BaseName());
if (!base::CopyFile(src, dest))
result = false;
return result;
bool RunEfiPostInstall(const InstallConfig& install_config) {
printf("Running EfiPostInstall\n");
// Update the kernel we are about to use.
if (!UpdateLegacyKernel(install_config))
return false;
if (!UpdateEfiBootloaders(install_config))
return false;
// Of the form: PARTUUID=XXX-YYY-ZZZ
string kernel_config = DumpKernelConfig(install_config.kernel.device());
string root_uuid = install_config.root.uuid();
string kernel_config_dm = ExplandVerityArguments(kernel_config, root_uuid);
string grub_filename = install_config.boot.mount() + "/efi/boot/grub.cfg";
// Read in the grub.cfg to be updated.
string grub_src;
if (!ReadFileToString(grub_filename, &grub_src)) {
printf("Unable to read grub template file %s\n", grub_filename.c_str());
return false;
string output;
if (!EfiGrubUpdate(grub_src, install_config.slot, root_uuid, kernel_config_dm,
&output)) {
return false;
// Write out the new grub.cfg.
if (!WriteStringToFile(output, grub_filename)) {
printf("Unable to write boot menu file %s\n", grub_filename.c_str());
return false;
// We finished.
return true;
bool EfiGrubUpdate(const string& input,
const string& slot,
const string& root_uuid,
const string& verity_args,
string* output) {
// Split the file contents into lines.
vector<string> file_lines;
SplitString(input, '\n', &file_lines);
// Search pattern for lines are related to our slot.
string kernel_pattern = "/syslinux/vmlinuz." + slot;
for (vector<string>::iterator line = file_lines.begin();
line < file_lines.end(); line++) {
if (line->find(kernel_pattern) != string::npos) {
if (ExtractKernelArg(*line, "dm").empty()) {
// If it's an unverified boot line, just set the root partition to boot.
if (!SetKernelArg("root", "PARTUUID=" + root_uuid, &(*line))) {
printf("Unable to update unverified root flag in %s.\n",
return false;
} else {
if (!SetKernelArg("dm", verity_args, &(*line))) {
printf("Unable to update verified dm flag.\n");
return false;
// Join the lines back into file contents.
JoinStrings(file_lines, "\n", output);
// Other EFI post-install actions, if any, go here.
return true;