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// Copyright 2020 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "croslog/config.h"
#include <memory>
#include "base/logging.h"
#include "base/strings/string_number_conversions.h"
#include "base/strings/string_util.h"
#include <brillo/flag_helper.h>
namespace croslog {
bool Config::ParseCommandLineArgs(int argc, const char* const argv[]) {
DEFINE_string(source, "plaintext", "Source of logs to read.");
DEFINE_string(output, "short", "Controls type of format to show logs.");
DEFINE_string(lines, "all", "Limit the maximum number of lines to show.");
DEFINE_string(boot, "", "Show logs only from specified boot.");
DEFINE_string(identifier, "", "Show logs only for the specified identifier.");
DEFINE_string(priority, "all",
"Show logs only for the specified priority or more important.");
DEFINE_string(grep, "", "Show logs only matched with the specified regexp.");
DEFINE_string(cursor, "", "Show logs starting from the specified cursor.");
DEFINE_bool(quiet, false,
"Suppress informational messages (not implemented yet).");
DEFINE_bool(follow, false, "Show continiously new logs as they are written.");
// "after-cursor" flag manual definition (the macro doesn't support a name
// with hyphen)
std::string FLAG_after_cursor;
static const char kAfterCursorHelp[] =
"Show logs starting after the specified cursor.";
std::unique_ptr<brillo::Flag>(new brillo::StringFlag(
"after-cursor", &FLAG_after_cursor, "", kAfterCursorHelp, true)));
// "show-cursor" flag manual definition (the macro doesn't support a name with
// hyphen)
bool FLAGS_show_cursor = true;
bool FLAGS_show_nocursor = false;
static const char kShowCursorHelp[] =
"Show the current cursor log logs at last.";
std::unique_ptr<brillo::Flag>(new brillo::BoolFlag(
"show-cursor", &FLAGS_show_cursor, &FLAGS_show_nocursor, "true",
kShowCursorHelp, true)));
std::unique_ptr<brillo::Flag>(new brillo::BoolFlag(
"no-show-cursor", &FLAGS_show_nocursor, &FLAGS_show_cursor, "true",
kShowCursorHelp, false)));
// "pager" and "no-pager" flags manual definition (the macro doesn't support a
// name with hyphen)
bool FLAGS_pager = false;
bool FLAGS_no_pager = true;
static const char kPagerHelp[] =
"Pipe the outout into pager (not implemented yet).";
std::unique_ptr<brillo::Flag>(new brillo::BoolFlag(
"pager", &FLAGS_pager, &FLAGS_no_pager, "false", kPagerHelp, true)));
new brillo::BoolFlag("no-pager", &FLAGS_no_pager, &FLAGS_pager, "false",
kPagerHelp, false)));
argc, argv,
"Captures the stdout/stderr of the specified program and forward them "
"to syslog.");
const base::CommandLine* const command_line =
bool result = true;
if (FLAGS_source == "journal") {
source = SourceMode::JOURNAL_LOG;
} else if (FLAGS_source == "plaintext") {
source = SourceMode::PLAINTEXT_LOG;
} else {
LOG(ERROR) << "Specified '--source' argument is invalid. "
<< "It must be 'journal' or 'plaintext'.";
result = false;
if (base::CompareCaseInsensitiveASCII(FLAGS_output, "short") == 0) {
output = OutputMode::SHORT;
} else if (base::CompareCaseInsensitiveASCII(FLAGS_output, "export") == 0) {
output = OutputMode::EXPORT;
} else if (base::CompareCaseInsensitiveASCII(FLAGS_output, "json") == 0) {
output = OutputMode::JSON;
} else {
LOG(ERROR) << "Specified '--output' argument is invalid. "
<< "It must be 'short', 'export' or 'json'.";
result = false;
if (FLAGS_lines.empty()) {
// Default value when the argument is specified without a value.
lines = 10;
} else if (base::ToLowerASCII(FLAGS_lines) == "all") {
// Doesn't limit (same as the default behavior without the argument).
lines = -1;
} else if (base::StringToInt(FLAGS_lines, &lines)) {
if (lines < 0) {
LOG(ERROR) << "--lines argument value must be positive.";
result = false;
} else {
LOG(ERROR) << "--lines argument must be a number.";
result = false;
// "--boot" distinguishes an empty argument and undefined.
if (command_line->HasSwitch("boot")) {
boot = FLAGS_boot;
identifier = FLAGS_identifier;
if (FLAGS_priority.empty() || base::ToLowerASCII(FLAGS_priority) == "all") {
severity = Severity::UNSPECIFIED;
} else {
// Supports only single priority, but doesn't support range.
const std::string& severity_str =
severity = SeverityFromString(severity_str);
grep = FLAGS_grep;
cursor = FLAGS_cursor;
after_cursor = FLAG_after_cursor;
show_cursor = FLAGS_show_cursor;
quiet = FLAGS_quiet;
no_pager = FLAGS_no_pager;
follow = FLAGS_follow;
return result;
} // namespace croslog