Add an nvram flag to block the use of dev mode

Currently, this does nothing. It just sets a flag that nothing looks at.

Don't get all wound up - we haven't abandoned our principles. This will
eventually be used to allow enterprise-enrolled customers to prevent
unauthorized use of developer mode in the Chrome OS devices that THEY OWN.

This is not Google deciding to turn a feature off, it's allowing the OWNER
to control the use of the feature. In some situations, the owner can be held
liable for what others do with the owner's equipment. This will help the
owner avoid those situations while their device is out of their immediate


Set the flag with:

  crossystem block_devmode=1

Clear it with:

  crossystem block_devmode=0

Retrieve the value ("0" or "1") like so:

  val=$(crossystem block_devmode)
  echo "the flag is $val"

or just test it directly like so:

  if crossystem 'block_devmode?1' ; then
    echo "devmode is blocked"
    echo "devmode is allowed"

It should be persistent across reboots.

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