vboot: Implement dev mode boot options for menu UI

Add dev default boot retrieval and dev boot related allowance check api in 2misc
along with their tests in vb2_misc_tests:
- vb2_get_dev_boot_target
- vb2_dev_boot_allowed
- vb2_dev_boot_legacy_allowed
- vb2_dev_boot_usb_allowed

Implement parts of vb2_developer_menu functionalities along with tests:
- Retrieve the default boot option.
- Try to boot with the specified option.

BUG=b:146399181, chromium:1033815
TEST=USE="menu_ui" emerge-nami vboot_reference depthcharge
TEST=make runtests

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Signed-off-by: Hsuan Ting Chen <roccochen@chromium.org>
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