2lib: Fix struct vb2_hash the way it was meant to be

My goal in CL:1963614 was to write struct vb2_hash such that it can
match the exisiting binary representation of the CBFS hash attribute,
but no longer be dependent on endianness. Unfortunately I screwed up...
if you want to match the binary representation of a big-endian integer
for small numbers, the important byte you're interested in is the *last*
one, not the first.

Thankfully we still have time to fix the issue before this struct is
really used anywhere, so this patch does that and adds a test to double
check I got it right this time.

Also clarify comments about how vboot is allowed to use this struct a
bit to match the indended usage I'm planning in coreboot. In doing that
I realized that you actually don't want to make it easy to sizeof() the
|bytes| portion of the struct (because functions shouldn't rely on that
size anyway, they should only touch what's valid for a given hash
algorithm), so taking that out which also makes it a little more
comfortable to work with the struct.

TEST=make runtests

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