vboot: do not check for VB2_CONTEXT_FORCE_DEVELOPER_MODE

As part of chromium:942901, physical dev switch functionality
is being deprecated.

VB2_CONTEXT_FORCE_DEVELOPER_MODE is for the express purpose
of enabling developer mode when the physical dev switch is
on.  (See: coreboot's src/security/vboot/vboot_logic.c)

Remove the check of this context flag for deciding whether
developer mode is enabled.

In order to retain a path to developer mode on devices
with physical dev switch, this CL depends on
VBSD_HONOR_VIRT_DEV_SWITCH check being removed first
(see CL:1526070).  (Alternately, we can wait for CB:31943
to be merged and pulled downstream.)

This constant will be marked as deprecated in a subsequent
CL, once the coreboot CL has been pulled downstream.

BUG=b:124141368, b:124192753, chromium:942901
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TEST=make clean && make runtests
TEST=make clean && COV=1 make coverage && make coverage_html

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