cgpt: add -D support to CgptEdit

The lack of -D support in CgptEdit introduced a test failure.  This
change adds support for -D.

TEST=Verified that prior to this change the tests failed:
  cros_workon --host start vboot_reference
  sudo FEATURES=test emerge vboot_reference
The tests fail in a different area prior to CgptEdit, so I applied the
following temporary change to Makefile to see the relevant failure:
  ifeq (${MINIMAL},)
  # Bitmap utility isn't compiled for minimal variant
- test_targets:: runbmptests runfutiltests
+ test_targets:: runbmptests # runfutiltests
  # Scripts don't work under qemu testing
With this change the tests pass.

Change-Id: Ia2127a3537c72e4ea6daf59c5c33b8701a89b0f6
Signed-off-by: Matt Delco <>
Tested-by: Matt Delco <>
Reviewed-by: Julius Werner <>
3 files changed