futility: updater: Revise error message when model is not defined in manifest

"Model '%s' is not defined in manifest." is not very easy to understand
for people who are debugging devices in early stages. We should provide
better instructions. For example, running with Coral updater will now

ERROR: manifest_find_model: Cannot get model name.
You are probably running an image for wrong board, or a device in early
stage that 'mosys' command is not ready, or image from old (or factory)
branches that Unified Build config is not updated yet for 'mosys'.
Please check command 'mosys platform model', which should output one of
the supported models below:
 unprovisioned_meep sparky orbatrix unprovisioned_fleex grabbiter bobba
 unprovisioned_bobba mimrock fleex meep yorp phaser360 sparky360 phaser
 bobba360 unprovisioned_phaser bip

TEST=TEST=make futil; tests/futility/run_test_scripts.sh $(pwd)/build/futility

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