futility: updater: override signature id for phaser360

Because of lacking CL:1501614 in octopus factory branch, dopefish
root key is written to some phaser360 devices. That will lead to
firmware updater not be able to verify RW vblock and AU will fail.
This CL will fix that by using root key info and model name to
make firmware updater get a proper sig_id so that in-field machines
can be updated by AU.

BUG=b:146876241, b:133901651, b:146482979
TEST=using a DUT of phaser360 (without whitelabel_tag = dopefish)
     which is flashed dopefish rootkey and hwid, using command
     'chromeos-firmwareupdate -m autoupdate --wp=1' to flash
     firmware, RW firmware can be updated and DUT can boot normally.

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