crossystem: Remove savedmem_base and savedmem_size fields

I don't even know what this is. It seems to have marked some kind of
debug buffer provided by H2C BIOS on pre-Daisy Chromebooks and has not
been touched since it was copied in here when crossystem was first
added. I can't find any references in our codebase so I doubt anybody
would miss it. Let's remove it so the '(error)' fields returned there on
any modern Chromebook stop confusing our vendors.

TEST=Built for Falco and Jerry.

Change-Id: Ie2baec536b50bb192eb4cd3e48df212cce53561a
Signed-off-by: Julius Werner <>
Reviewed-by: Randall Spangler <>
Reviewed-by: Bernie Thompson <>
diff --git a/host/arch/x86/lib/crossystem_arch.c b/host/arch/x86/lib/crossystem_arch.c
index 8de9edc..c885986 100644
--- a/host/arch/x86/lib/crossystem_arch.c
+++ b/host/arch/x86/lib/crossystem_arch.c
@@ -756,22 +756,6 @@
-  /* Saved memory is at a fixed location for all H2C BIOS.  If the CHSW
-   * path exists in sysfs, it's a H2C BIOS. */
-  if (!strcasecmp(name,"savedmem_base")) {
-    unsigned savedmem_base;
-    if (ReadFileInt(ACPI_CHSW_PATH, &savedmem_base) < 0)
-      return -1;
-    else
-      return 0x00F00000;
-  } else if (!strcasecmp(name,"savedmem_size")) {
-    unsigned savedmem_size;
-    if (ReadFileInt(ACPI_CHSW_PATH, &savedmem_size) < 0)
-      return -1;
-    else
-      return 0x00100000;
-  }
   /* NV storage values.  If unable to get from NV storage, fall back to the
    * CMOS reboot field used by older BIOS (e.g. Mario). */
   if (!strcasecmp(name,"recovery_request")) {
diff --git a/utility/crossystem.c b/utility/crossystem.c
index 9b30e5a..8f944b1 100644
--- a/utility/crossystem.c
+++ b/utility/crossystem.c
@@ -81,8 +81,6 @@
   {"recoverysw_cur", 0, "Recovery switch current position"},
   {"recoverysw_ec_boot", 0, "Recovery switch position at EC boot"},
   {"ro_fwid", IS_STRING, "Read-only firmware ID"},
-  {"savedmem_base", 0, "RAM debug data area physical address", "0x%08x"},
-  {"savedmem_size", 0, "RAM debug data area size in bytes"},
   {"sw_wpsw_boot", 0,
    "Firmware write protect software setting enabled at boot (Baytrail only)"},
   {"tpm_attack", CAN_WRITE, "TPM was interrupted since this flag was cleared"},