ec_sync: always call VbExUpdateAuxFw

call VbExUpdateAuxFw() uncontidionally, instead of when we know we
need to do an update.  Vb*AuxFw() already maintains state, so this
doesn't change when we (attempt) to update firmware.

however, this does allow us to iterate over all firmware drivers to
call their .protect() method.  previously, we would only call
.protect() after an actual firmware update.

updated unit tests to match the new logic.

TEST=verified i2c tunnels are protected on reef using
	ectool i2cprotect N status.

Signed-off-by: Caveh Jalali <>
Reviewed-by: Julius Werner <>

(cherry picked from commit 5afa7faf7bfc4ec5efd22af5f2124a575bc64e52)

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