BUTTERFLY-FIRMWARE: Add more recovery_reason codes

There are several places where the same recovery_reason was used to report
slightly different points of failure. Let's create some new codes instead.

Remember that recovery mode is handled by RO firmware, so if an updated RW
firmware uses one of the new error codes, pressing TAB at the recovery
screen will say "We have no idea what this means". That's not a bug. This CL
deprecates the original codes, so the fact that the RO firmware doesn't
recognize it just means it's a new code reported by a new RW BIOS.



  make && make runtests

It should pass. You can test some of the error cases on actual hardware by

  crossystem recovery_reason=86

and pressing TAB at the recovery screen. For that example you should see the

  recovery_reason: 0x56 TPM lock error in rewritable firmare

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