vboot: Add flag to indicate VbInit is run before option rom loading

This commit adds a new VbInit() flag which will indicate that it is
being called before option roms are loaded and can therefore respond
to the VbNv flag without needing an immediate reboot.

When the BIOS calls VbInit() in firmware it may not yet know if the
system is in developer mode if there is a virtual developer mode
switch, instead it relies on the VbNv flag that is prepared by VbInit().

So this new flag only affects VbInit() checks itself, the later checks
still do the right thing because OPROM_LOADED can be set based on the
VbNv value that is set by VbInit().

TEST=pass FAFT tests on samus

Signed-off-by: Duncan Laurie <dlaurie@chromium.org>
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