utility: Allow chromeos-tpm-recovery to return failure.

When some of the space re-creation procedure failed, chromeos-tpm-recovery
should exit with non-zero value and not saying TPM is successfully recovered.

However, there are few known issues:
 - 0x1009 is not needed in TPM2.
 - The space is not created in TPM2.
 - tlcl does not support define spaces with policies yet (crosbug.com/p/59594).

As a result, we want to return failure only if writing any of the two
spaces (0x1007, 0x1008) fails.

This change also revised chromeos-tpm-recovery so it won't exit with unbound
variable error due to early exit without having daemon_was_running variable.

TEST=For boards with TPM and TPM2, do:
     build_image --board $BOARD factory_install;
     Boot factory install shim, select 'I' and get TPM recovered.

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