vboot_display: Add full_info parameter to VbExDisplayDebugInfo()

VbExDisplayDebugInfo() was invented for the TAB display that dumps a
whole lot of possibly interesting debug data to the screen. Since some
debug data is only available to the calling firmware, the convention has
always been that the calling firmware is supposed to append any of its
own debug data it thinks may be relevant to the output.

Later, the function was reused to print small info messages that give
the user a hint what went wrong when a Ctrl+U or Ctrl+L fails
(unlocalized, of course, but better than nothing). The calling firmware
is not aware of this new use case, so every time vboot prints a
"WARNING: Ctrl+L not enabled" sort of message on the screen, depthcharge
also dumps the firmware IDs and TPM state below it.

This patch introduces a new parameter to the function to make the two
differing use cases clear to the calling firmware.

TEST=with other patches

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