crossystem devsw_cur returns devsw_boot if virtual dev switch

devsw_cur is really a meaningless concept on systems with virtual dev
switches; it exists primarily to support factory test of physical
developer switches.  However, some plugins use this instead of the
preferred devsw_boot, and it's easier to modify crossystem than the
plugins at this point in time.

BRANCH=none (affects all current products, but is an OS-level change, not FW)

- On link, 'crossystem devsw_cur devsw_boot' with dev switch on -> '1 1'
- On link, 'crossystem devsw_cur devsw_boot' with dev switch off -> '0 0'
- On lumpy or earlier, 'crossystem devsw_cur' should return current dev
  switch position; check this by toggling the physical switch without
  rebooting and see that the reported value follows the switch value.

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