mount-encrypted: write key to disk initially

The encrypted partition has been plagued with TPM problems, which means
systems that have a wedged TPM, or interrupt the TPM Ownership, Lockbox
creation, etc, all fail to keep the encrypted partition across a reboot.
As a result, we're forced to write the encryption key to disk initially,
and then throw it away once the system key from NVRAM can be used to
encrypt it.

On most systems that have a sane unowned TPM, the key will only be on
disk until the first login finishes and Cryptohome can Finalize the
NVRAM area. For all the other systems, they will continue to run, but
with their encryption key effectively in the clear. Technically, this
is not a regression from R21, so at least we can move forward and work
to improve this in the future.

Some attempt is made to wipe out the key, but this is especially ugly for
SSDs, since doing a "shred" just means the blocks will get moved around.
When ext4 supports "secure delete", we can move to that instead.

TEST=alex build, manual testing

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